Will Your Ebook Help Us in The USA
OR Does It Only Apply In Australia?

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Hello Colm,

Will your book help for the US, or is it more applicable for Australia?

My husband is an Engineer, and we have just purchased xx acres to develop near a lake in xxxx.



From the desk of Colm Dillon ...

Author of "Residential Development Made Easy"

Hello S,

Thank you for writing to me and the best way to answer your question because it's been asked a few times, let me say:

My ebook is now selling in 95 countries and experience tells me to get a few questions out of the way immediately ... I am asked these questions "All The Time."

The answers will help you ... as well as me, 'cause I'm only a two-finger typist.


Colm, I live in Cape Town, in Sydney, in Toronto, in LA, in Birmingham ... wherever ... will your real estate development eBook work where I live? After all, you live in Australia!

Answer! Yes.

As long as you live in a Free Enterprise economy, then the way we go about real estate development is the same everywhere.

The only differences between, where you live and where I live, are the Local Authority Rules & Regulations ... Not How We Go About Real Estate Development.

Example: Zoning Allowances

What you can build on a 1,000 square metre (square foot) piece of residential land will be different, not only from country to country, but also from City To City in the same country. It is the local town plan that determines these capacities, OK.

Here's a better example ... Building Regulations.

Can you see why Building Regulations would be different in the sub-tropical climate of Brisbane and the freezing temperatures experienced in Canada?

The climatic conditions make many of the building regulations change. One location is concerned with heat retention inside the home and the other is into heat reduction.

This effect the Cladding, insulation, glazing etc

I hope those two extremes in temperature make the point for you.

So to wrap up this topic ...

. Real estate development processes and procedures are the same no matter where you live in the Free World ...

. It is the local Council or the Local Authority's Rules & Regulations that differ. Phew; glad that one's out of the way.

Hope this helps you Sandra ... there are other questions I answer on my home page as well, but this one is for your specific question.

Now it may help you to know that for readers who need some continuing help I carry on an extensive correspondence answering their questions or just helping them sort out their thoughts. So don't feel you are on your own and I will be pleased to extend the same help to you, until you get on your feet.

I have the advantage of my background, questions coming to me from around the world and being semi retired, you could say that my ebook and helping people succeed is my main job these days.

So there you are S ... I hope that helps you a little.

Best wishes,

Colm Dillon

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