So Selecting A Town House Builder
Is Important Work

From the desk of Colm Dillon ...

Author of "Residential Development Made Easy"


Hello Colm Dillon here ...

At last we get to the person who is going to put shape to your plans. Like every other member of your team this guy is very important, so give him as much attention as all the others.

Just as I have said earlier that you should carry our research, that work should extend to finding good builders. This work will not be wasted ... you will learn a great deal, just by carrying out the research and meeting them.

As with everything, there is a correct way of doing this work and as we all know by now, there is the other way, which Residential Developmemnt Made Easy covers in detail.

When we use the term 'builder' these days, what we should say instead is 'project manager.'

Oh yes, just to clear up a question of titles. A Project Manager is a person who is trained & experienced is all aspects of BUILDING a project. He/she is essentially concerned with transferring the design into real form on the site. This is achieved by his/her management of a whole array of subcontractors to achieve project completion within 'Time' and 'Cost.

A Development Manager is a trained person who looks after all aspects of the development, from buying the land, getting DA approvals, engaging the design team, managing the design process, engaging the builder, constructing the building, marketing, selling, financing and finally getting all the money back + profit. The Development Manager is the Client and the Project Manager reports to the Development Manager.

Just thought you'd be interested in that definition as there is a lot of confusion and mis-use of titles, so we should get them right.

A Project Manager (Builder) is a great deal more that 'Just A Building Price.' There is more to that statement than initially meets the eye, and I leave that explanation to my eBook.

Another phrase I have lived by which is explained more fully in my eBook is"

... 'Going to Tender' is the kind of thing you do, when you 'Don't Know What Else To Do.'

The 'What Else To Do' is the thing that let's you sleep well at night, OK?

From what you have read so far you will have grasped that selecting all members of your team involves work. Work I hope you will not have to repeat. I very rarely change my team from project to project - changes do take place but there has to be a very good reason.

Team develop a relationship 'through you.' They know your language, style, what you want regarding quality, time and cost. They also find out if you are a reasonable person or an ego maniac.

Remember, while you engage team members and pay them, they are not fools and if you treat them as such, you are a fool. If you are a tight fisted person and demaand more that you are prepared to pay for; and think you'll get away with it, your are a fool.

I have heard to many stories about mean ego maniac clients and how they have been 'got at' by there team, sometimes without knowing and sometimes ...

Designers do not build - Builders do.

Most people find this section of Residential Developmemnt Made Easy quite illuminating.

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