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The Table of Contents of my E-book sets out the complete range of topics I cover.

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This Blog is the main depository of my articles on development, as well as the Q & A I receive and give to my readers.

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I only claim to teach you the methods used by real estate developers to develop residential real estate for the creation of living accommodation. I do not participate in my readers developments and disclaim any responsibility for their outcomes.

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I assure my readers that their personal details will only be used by me to communicate with them ... their list of details will never be sold or rented out by me.

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How To Become A Real Estate Developer
Learning How To Become A Real Estate Developer Has Been A Problem, Until I Published "Residential Development Made Easy" - The First Ebook To Teach The Subject.

Property Development
Property Development Creates Wealth For You, For Your Region & For Your Country. The economic 'multiplier effect' takes the money you invest in development and the effect is 2.3 times on the economy. So a million dollars spent by you is used by say, the steel factory to buy raw material, pay wages, then a family buys groceries and so on. So that's the positive effect your activity has on the economy.

About Land Development
Land Development, Sometimes Called Land Subdivision, is by far the easiest way to start in real estate development. There is still the Right Way and of course the Wrong Way.

Real Estate Development Joint Venture
 Real Estate Development Joint Venture Should Only Be Entered Into Between Equals. And even then it is the least preferred way to do a development.

Real Estate Developer
A Real Estate Developer Adds Massively To The Economy; Of The Region & Country, So Hold Your Head Up - Your Work Is Wealth Creating!

Press Releases
Announcing the Real Estate Development Coach "One-on-One" Mentoring Program, a truely unique One Of A Kind program offered nowhere else in the world.

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