Salesman's Daydream to Become a Development Reality

by Ben

I am a moderately successful salesman, closing multimillion dollar deals and achieving a fairly successful career in sales at the age of 25.

I don't sit at a desk. I dont have a degree, I love people and get to meet new people all the time.

But I dont give a darn about what I'm selling when I'm honest with myself. I don't want to do this for the rest of my life.

I want to drive a chevy pickup truck and work with my hands and my creativity.

I don't want to drive a nice SUV to businesses selling semiconductors for companies that I don't care about.

I want to make a difference. I want to do something big. I also want to make money - but I want to make money my way.

I want to wake up early and want to wake up early because I love what im doing that day.

I have a dream to create a new kind of development that is no where to be found in my area. Not only to make money - but to leave a fingerprint on the world and make a difference in my community.

Right now I grind out 60 hour weeks and I hate every single second of it. I like working hard - but I have reached a place and a maturity that drives me to find something that I have a passion for and love to do.

I dont know where to start.

I don't have a lot of money to do it.

But I have this picture in my head of where I want to be in 5 years and it's in development. Not semiconductor sales.

It sounds crazy when i read this.

But it feels really good to finally be honest with myself.

Hello Ben,

Well that is pouring out your heart on your real estate development ambition and the best thing about your words is that you are actually 'thinking.'

Many of your fellow men don't, because thinking is difficult and we have to confront ourselves with issues that most prefer to leave hidden.

In fact in all my real estate development courses there is one constant saying that I created for my own life and it goes; ... "the hardest 'work' we have to do in life is 'think' ... after that it is all 'process.'"

So in your case of getting into development let's do some good thinking.

Real Estate Development is a business; a serious business that requires detailed knowledge, research, a clean credit record and money.

So that means we in the development business have mastered those areas of business before we take the risk of doing a development.

A detailed knowledge you can get from me, as I am the only developer in the world to have written a real 'How To Do It' Course that has trained thousands of developers. Even people who have Degrees buy my Courses because education is general in nature and mine is specific.

It also teaches you how to go about carrying market research in detail. After all developers produce real estate accommodation for the market to buy or rent ... and not for ourselves.

To be able to create that kind of property we need to be able to do a Financial Feasibility Study and development Cash Flow, so naturally it teaches you that as well, plus lots of other stuff like how to deal with architects and builders and instruct then correctly on what you want.

Unless we are born with a golden spoon in our mouths, we all need to borrow money from a lender to add to our own saved cash. Before you can do that you need to be a 'clean skin' as far as you credit rating is concerned.

Ignore your credit rating at your peril and achieving one and maintaining it, can be done NOW and establishes a financial pattern of operating for you life from now on.

Last point - money.

You are currently earning and many in society are not that fortunate, so don't go chucking your job while you can earn and learn your new profession in your spare time.

A 'thinking person' never has spare time. It is filled with action plans. Just think of the research you can do while working your current job, as you don't sit at a desk.

You are in a perfect position to study at home with my material and then put a stack of elements into practice before you commit to a development.

And of course you can save some cash ... development requires it.

Hope this Helps Ben.
Maintain the Fire in your Belly.

Colm Dillon

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