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Hello Colm here ...

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Welcome to the world of real estate development and the committment of your energy in this specialist real estate development course.

It will open up a whole new world for you and provide you with knowledge that is usually only available to professional developers

I have covered this point before, but just to be sure you have not missed it, you are about to download Part One of the Course. This is all you have bought at this stage.

I want you to really study this Part One before moving on to the next three parts of the course. On the last page of each part of the course is a link that will allow you to buy the next part, when you decide you are ready to move forward.

The downloading process will be exactly the same as for Part One.

I suggest you print out this email as it will help you remember the download procedure and so get you off to a good start.

Your four part course comes to you in individual ZIP files after your credit card transaction is complete. This format allow the file to be sent via email very quickly.

Download The E-course Instructions

Once you 'click' the Download Link below, a new screen will appear. It gives you the option of Opening the e-course or Saving it.

It is important "You Select Save." "Do Not Click OPEN." You need to SAVE it to your computer FIRST before you attempt to OPEN IT.

Another window will appear showing you your PC Drives. I suggest you select your 'C' Drive, if that is the Drive you are currently saving material on.

I suggest you create a new folder and name it Real Estate Development Made Easy and save the course to that folder to make it easy to find later.

To start reading the e-course, go to the Drive you have saved it on and double click on the e-course icon, fill in the registration details and start studying.

Your credit card statement will show a charge from CLKBANK*COM.

If you have any problems please email me: