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From The Desk Of Colm Dillon Real Estate Investor, Developer and Author

Hello Colm Dillon here ...

I have spent over 30 years in the real estate business and it is rare these days to be part of what I term a

Fundamental Change to real estate investors.

And that is what I am talking about here.

I believe that your lives and real estate investment lives are about to CHANGE Significantly - well those of you in the US at this stage.

First Some Background

For those of you who do not know me or even heard of me, I'll just take a few lines to introduce myself and hopefully add some credibility to underscore what I have to say to you today.

I have developed over $1.2 Billion worth of real estate, including over 1,000 multi story apartments, almost one million square feet of commercial office accommodation, an international hotel as well as shopping and industrial estates.

I don’t say this to impress you, rather to impress upon you, that I have a substantial and long term background in the real estate industry. I am serious and professional in this work.

I wrote the only e-book in the world three years ago, entitled Real Estate Development Made Easy that has sold in every State as well as 94 other countries over the past three years.

If you do a search on Google for just my name and not even my web site or E-book, you'll get over 240,000 page result, establishing me as an authority source in real estate.

I also conduct Free Weekly Web Conferences answering questions for over an hour for readers and those interested in learning more about real estate development. (No selling involved)

By laying my background on the line like this I hope you realize that I have engaged with the industry at a reasonably sophisticated level, at both a technical analysis, as well as financial analysis level, in developing over $1,200 million worth of real estate.

So What's This All About

This brief report is without doubt the most significant I have ever written, as it heralds in an innovation; the impact of which, will be a "red letter day" for real estate investors in the United States.

In my time I have seen the process of analyzing markets, trends and price levels improve significantly at the ‘big time’ end of the industry.

I have however also noticed, with some frustration, that these 'advances' have not passed through to that level of the market, where most real estate investors invest their money – the residential market.

That is until now … what I have to tell you is the Single Biggest and Most Significant change that has ever occurred in the residential real estate investment industry ever.

What you are reading now is my ‘Early Warning System’ to you serious real estate investors, about a System that will:

*Not only change your investment life for ever;

*It will reduce your risk

*And either increase

*OR decrease your real estate investmenT exposure

*Irrespective of where you reside

A Big Statement … sure it is, but we are at a stage of business life, where technology transfer leaps boundaries as never before.

Let Me Explain By Way Of Example.

In business, minimizing risk is the by-word of investing.

Real estate investment, is a very ill-liquid form of investment, and yet we sink large amounts of capital and borrowed funds into it.


Frankly, it's because we understand the fundamentals of real estate and have done so from our formative families roots.

Plus we can insure the buildings in case of fire (our asset disappeard) and the land under the buildings can’t be stolen from us - it is always there and we can build again.

But you and I know that there is another risk – another silent ‘capital thief’ and ‘opportunity thief’ that can bring our plans undone.

Our biggest risk comes in the form of “economic market changes.” We cannot isolate ourselves in the global village any more.

You know that economic changes are caused by both national and international changes.

The current Oil Crisis is a good example;

Financial market fluctuations are another;

As well as growing new economies attacking out trade; and many other matters.

All of which are separate and distinct from our personal real estate investment … or are they?

World markets use very sophisticated systems and tools, all of which do many things that 'forewarn' capital investors, 'protect' against loss or at least 'minimize loss' when market conditions change rapidly.

Colm"What has all this to do with my residential real estate investment?

Hang in there, I need to give you some background rationale, so that we all start off on a common base of understanding; OK.

The point being - a very intelligent, non high profile US citizen, and knowledgeable friend of mine and I are about to launch a unique system for serious real estate investors.

This system (so new, we haven't even got a name for it yet) uses the most sophisticated analysis systems and tools and have applied them to the US residential market for the first time EVER.

This is truly a major break through, based on THE Biggest residential real estate database in the United States for every State, City & Town and is updated every day.

OK; So what does it do Colm?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “The Profit is in The Buy.”

Well would you like to know … for every State, City or Town, The Best Time To Buy or Sell Real Estate?

No guesses or phone calls from local realtors - you use this system in your home - you do the research AND most importantly - "You Know The Answer."

We have never been able to do that BEFORE.

How about having a System that told you there was going to be a:

*downturn in the real estate market or worse,

* a crash,

*where you see thousands wiped off your investment values -

*BUT You Knew Well Ahead Of Time And You Could Take Corrective Action.

What effect would such knowledge have on your current borrowings from a bank if your Loan to Value Ratio was about to change.

These are questions we all have to face - Pretty Fundamental Stuff.

Our “We Haven’t Got A Name For It Yet System” will not be released for some weeks yet.

We are completing some of the training videos and other material, so that you have the best at your finger tips.

When you fill in your details below, you are Not Buying Anything; OK?

All you are doing is placing yourself in a prime position at the release date; and allowing yourself to be kept informed as we release more information about this system.

This Is Not A Time To Be Indecisive

You will not hear from me again - our Launch is going to be a very busy time, believe me.

At launch we estimate that there will be over one million investors taking up our initial offer.

Oh Yes, One Plea From Me

Check your email address for Typos errors.

This error even happens with my e-book and then people get angry when I can't write back to them answering their question.

Goodbye And Wish You A Wealthy Investment Future.

Colm Dillon
Investor - Developer - Author

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