Real Estate Development Seminar

Searching for a real estate development seminar on a country or worldwide basis, is like looking for the preverbal needle in a haystack as many of you have found.

There are very good reasons for that of course.

1. There is more money to be made by a developer in developing buildings than in giving seminars.

2. People who want to be developers are not "thick on the ground" - so demand is low on a per head of population basis.

I know because I am the only real developer who has taken on this role; in the world. That's right; one bloke!

Can you believe that?

I was staggered to find, when I hung up my development spurs to enjoy the good life, that there was just no material available from the real development world to either improve the operations of existing developers or teach new people who wanted to get into the business.

Like you, I searched high and low throughout the web for any real estate development seminar information and all the libraries and came up with naught. For those of you not at my advanced stage of life yet, I can tell you that it is vital to keep the brain energised, so that is why in 2002 I took on the challenge of writing the first instruction e-course called Residential Real Estate Development Made Easy.

I published it in 2003 through my web site, soon to be followed by two other instruction e-courses for Commercial real estate development and Land Subdivision Development and they are all studied in over 106 countries.

Before getting back to the topic of a real estate development seminar, I want to just touch on another problem concerning the actual term 'real estate development.'

This term has become somewhat bastardized in recent times by television programs.

These TV people want to include the work of finding and renovating a house, flat or apartment as real estate development. Or building an individual house for your personal house or for on-sale to the market.

So let’s be clear about what I am talking about. Real estate development is the creation of brand new residential buildings, be they apartments, townhouses, condos, land subdivision lots or commercial space be it office, shopping or industrial.

Renovation on the other hand is changing the design of an existing house to modern standards and building a new house involves is selecting a few finishes like the tile for the roof and bathrooms and the kitchen sink and colour of the bedroom walls.

There is a vast chasm between TV developing and what professional developers do; so that is what I am talking about and what I concentrate on teaching those who want to develop real estate professionally with minimum risk and maximum profit.

In 2008 my students convinced me to give a series of real estate development seminars or as I prefer to call then 'Workshops' because the brain is working overtime with the stuff I throw at you and at the end of 16 hours over two days my guys and girls are all 'worked-out' and that's for sure!

The only trouble is the obvious one and that is I am the only speaker, as nobody else does this work, and after two days on my feet I am exhausted. So on this first and last tour of Australia and the United States I had decided that I would film the last seminar.

It was held at Donald Trump’s new Las Vegas joint venture development with billionaire Phil Ruffin called the Trump International Hotel & Tower over a three day weekend. My seminar was the first one held at the new hotel and they really pulled out all the stops to make us comfortable.

Both Donald Trump & Phil Ruffin also created a special treat for all my students, which included many developers and newbie developers from Europe, Mexico, Canada, Australia and the US.

The hotel management arranged for us to have a complete 'behind the scenes' tour of the building with the Facilities Director, Danny Tracy.

We filmed that whole building tour as well; a real highlight of the three days we spent together.

I had the whole Workshop filmed and this next video tells you all about it, if you would care to learn more.

Real Estate Development Workshop

In Las Vegas

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