Creating Your Team Of
Real Estate Development Professionals

Creating you team real estate development professionals is fundamental to your real estate development success.

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To help you I have put together a Data Base of talented professionals who live and work in the communities near you and are listed on another page.

The range of professional services I have included for you makes this web site a "One-Stop-Shop" for finding and selecting the best real estate development professionals available near you.

They include:

Finance Experts;


Structural Engineers;

Civil Engineers;

Electrical Engineers;

HVAC Engineers;

Plumbing Hydraulic Engineers;

Quantity Surveyors;


Building Cost Estimators;

Legal Professionals;

Accounting Professionals;

Real Estate Professionals;

Project Managers;


Town Planners;

Interior Designers;

Landscape Designers;

Pool Designers;

Plus any other specialist who can assist you the developer.

Remember all I have taught you about selecting real estate development professionals to join your long term development team.

In this business the individual professional is very important to you, BUT of critical importance is the relationship. That is, at your first appointment, you are totally comfortable with the 'human being' in front of you.

Remember you are the Development Manager - not the expert, so the professional's ability to understand your needs, expressed in lay-mans terms by you, and correctly interpreted by him/her, is what this relationship is all about.

When you meet each professional for your first appointment, are they "information givers" or do the just want to "tell you?"

Real estate development professionals like direct questions - so don't be coy. They know you may be new to this real estate development business.

The best real estate development professionals will want to help you grow your business with their business and will appreciate the long term loyalty you give to them based on a mutual professional relationship.

How This Real Estate Development Professionals Data Base Works

First thing to understand is that it is a New Creation.

As such, like your developments, it will grow over time.

OK, below is a list of countries where the majority of my readers reside. (I will expand the list at a later stage)

So if you live in the United States; Just Click on that link.

That will take you to a page of US Cities; Just Click on the city link that interest you.

Now you'll find a list of professional services that make up various types of development teams.

Just click on each Profession you need and you be taken to a page that lists all the registered professionals who have offered their services to the development industry in or near your location.

I have asked each real estate development professionals to write a brief description of the firm; their contact name; and contact details. If they have a web site a link will be available.

From their on, just follow my e-book, Real Estate Development Made Easy.

So you see, with only "three clicks" of your mouse you'll be in contact with the first member of your real estate development team.

OK, Let's Get Started



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