What Would Your Expect From
A Real Estate Development Mentor?

The word Mentor, as in real estate development mentor, is used widely these days and I suspect it is used in many guises, so I decided to refer to the Oxford Dictionary for the following … a mentor is an “experienced and trusted adviser.”

I believe “trust” is earned by an individual or company over time and the modern demonstration of ‘trust’ is the ubiquitous and maligned written testimonial. In real estate development mentor terms, trust is demonstrated in the number of successfully completed developments.

Someone has to “trust” in the developer’s vision and his/her ability to orchestrate the team of design, construction and marketing talent … and let’s not forget the pool of money required; and achieve a planned outcome.

The other quality embraced in the word Mentor is “experience.” Clearly experience only comes from someone who has trodden the path many times … received a few bruises, mental scars and maybe a broken limb or two … and yet still achieves a successful outcome. successful outcome. It is appropriate that the last word in the definition of mentor is “adviser,” because it is only by being trusted to create real estate developments in the market place and through gaining experience in the heat of market action, can one claim the right to be an experienced and trusted adviser.

Now if you want to learn anything in life, of which being a real estate development mentor is just one aspect, there are two ways for you to go:

The Right Way: Learn from someone who has “been there and done that.”

The Other Way: and suffer the consequences, until you hit the wall that turns you to the Right Way.

I have always felt that selecting the Other Way has a certain amount of arrogance contained in the action.

In business for example, what chance of success do you think I would have if I set up as a men’s hairdresser and had never handled a pair of scissors.

So if that is a ridiculous failed business concept, tell me why people do just the same thing when it comes to making money through real estate development … how come the wires get crossed in the brain circuitry?

Let me tell you that after completing over $1.2 Billion worth of developments and establishing the first ever real estate development teaching facility created by a real developer, that I know for a fact that:

1. Beginner developers always buy land first … and from that time onwards they are on a search for an answer to the question, “what do I do next?”

2. Beginner developers first question is, “where do I get the money,”

Professional developers never do No.1 and always have many places to get the money. In fact, they don’t worry about the money … they concentrate on the development deal. Next time you’re talking to Donald Trump, ask him if what I say is not true!

You want to know something … there is more money in this world looking for a ‘good deal to finance’ than there are deals to fill the demand.

There are a few big messages in those last six lines and that my friends is mentorship.

1. Experience is telling you not to buy real estate … until you know what you are doing.

2. Experience is also telling you to locate ‘many sources” of finance BEFORE you need it.

Those few real estate development mentor words have just saved you a $bundle plus many sleepless nights.

Well if I don’t buy real estate, you ask, what do I do next? Now you are asking the correct question and as I am the only experienced developer in the world teaching development, you happen to be asking the right guy.

Ok, Ok; sorry about that, but you’ve got to allow for a little bit of humor every now and then.

But back to mentorship and my earlier definition.

I have really developed over $1.2 Billion worth of developments and for the past four years I have taught new and experienced developers how to do it successfully in every State of the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and a hundred other countries.

I do this through two courses. One is for people who are interested in residential development and one is for those who want to develop commercial developments. commercial developments. Both are very comprehensive and I have lots of nice ‘unasked for’ testimonials to say that my material works.

I also continue mentoring you, if you wish, through my unique weekly web meeting, where you can bring any question on development or your current development project. Never been done before … worth $$thousands to students.

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