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Hello Colm Dillon here ...

This real estate development blog is the first and only blog that concentrates on the 'development' of real estate; as opposed to investing in it or buying it or even selling it.

I've 'worked' in the business for over thirty years; I've personally created and developed over $1.2 Billion worth; and I've been teaching it through the web for four years.

Yet, guess what? When you search for information on How To Do Development, you find almost zilch, zero, nothing.

I mean, how does that happen; or more correctly, "not happen."

We are talking about the biggest industry in the world here.

OK, if you doubt me, why not stack up all the Building Costs that happen in your country ... yep, everything, you can get the figures from your Government statistics office.

Now, get the same figures for all the free contries of the world and total then all up. I tell you, you end up with a total that would put to shame any other world industry.


Now, can you tell me why there is no information on 'How To Develop Real Estate' out there?

So now you know why I wrote the first and only instruction e-book back in 2003.

Edition 2 of Residential Real Estate Development Made Easy was published in June 2007.

Edition 1 of Commercial Real Estate Development Made Easy was published in June 2007.

and Edition 1 of Land Subdivision Dveopment Made Easy was published in January 2008.

I get a lot of questions on both residential real estate development, commercial real estate development and land subivision development. I always answer.

Naturally your personal identity is kept confidential.

I also add articles and news updates from time to time, that I write myself and some of them are listed below ... so I hope they answer a few questions that have been lurking at the back of the brain.

So if you have questions on real estate development, here's what you do:

Just email me at colm@realestatedevelopmentcoach.com but please make sure your type your email address correctly.


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Colm Dillon


News Update

My first Real Estate Devlopment Tour of Australia and the US is over and I have to say, 'WHAT A BLAST.'

It all started in my hometown of Brisbane last September 2007 and I got home from Las Vegas on June 16, 2008. I met th most wonderful highly motivatd people you could wish to meet.

I think it is fair to say that all attendees (and me) worked hard over the two days we spent together and I have received some wonderful feedback.

"Some day you’ll come across someone who will make everything you've learnt click. Colm is that personal coach you must have in your team when starting out as a developer" Peter Hua

Great question were asked and that allowed us to explore the actual problems or issues that are being faced every day.

As the touring continued I realized that two days on my feet delivering talking and answering questions for 16 hours takes a lot out of me.

So by the time I got to Las Vegas I decided to engage a professional film company to cover the enire three days we had at the newly opened (March 31, 2008) Trump International Hotel & Tower.

The extra day was very special and was a "one off" occasion. The Joint Venture partners in the 622 foot high, 64 story, 1,382 suite hotel, Donald Trump & Phil Ruffin allowed me to take all my attendes on a behind the scenes inspection of the building in company with their Facilities Director, Daniel Tracy.

We filmed the whole tour and it is highly unlikly such a special tour of this building will ever happen again; what a blast; what a learning opportunity and indeed that is the prime reason Mr. Trump & Mr Ruffin agreed to my suggestion. No wonder they are so successful.

So I have about 20 hour of real estate development 'How To' instruction on DVD, soon to complete the editing process, that I can add to my teaching materials. So keep an eye out on my web site or send me an email if you are interested in sharing this exciting 3 days event.

Bye for now.

Colm Dillon



"Architects; Bet You Can't Tell Me What They Do."

Design Buildings; You're right - But What Else Do The Do?

"Structural Engineers; They Make You Stand Up Straight."

OK - OK, I Don't Mean You; But They're Great At Making Your Buildings Reach For The Sky In A Straight Line.

"Hydraulic Engineers; Without these guys we could not build high rise buildings."

Ever wonder how you get instant hot water in your apartment on the 30th floor or even use the toilet?

"Quantity Surveyors; The "Number Crunchers" of the Building & Development Industry"

You want to know what something costs in a building, then you're knocking on the right door.

Real Estate Development Course; Which One Is Right For You."

The choice of real estate development course for you depends on whether you are developing for yourself or you intend working for a development company.

"Real Estate Development Risks; Buying Land; Getting Finance; Market Knowledge and Not Having A Development System."

A professional developer's game plan is to minimize real estate development risks. Here are a few areas to look at and use my development education to protect yourself.

"Real Estate Development Seminar; They are few and far between and here is the reason why and a solution."

You can search high and low for a real estate development seminar and not find one except on this web site.

"Joint Ventures; The Only Reason You Do Them Is Because Of Something You Lack."

Let's have a look at a few examples of joint ventures and the thinking that should go into one before you contemplate doing one.

"Real Estate Development Mentor; Handy To Have; Rare To Find."

Defined as 'an experienced and trusted adviser


Questions & Answers From Readers

"I May Need To Joint Venture With Someone To Get Started." 

What Do You Think?

"A Banker Will Lend Me Money, But? What Do You Think?"

I am thinking about buying a property that has a small vineyard and a lake and xxx acres of undeveloped land.

"Can You Give Me Some Real Estate Career Advice For My Daughter"

From Concretor To Development."

I've been doing foundations and all the concrete for developments for years now.

"How Do I Gain Professional Real Estate Development Knowledge?"

My interest level for building development is growing significantly day by day.

"How Do I Get Development Finance To Start Developing?"

First and foremost thank you sir so very much for all the informative information on "How To Become A Real Estate Developer." Indeed, you are truly a blessing.

"How Do You Evaluate Government Tax Incentives?"

Do you provide any information on how to evaluate government tax incentives as a component of making property developments more profitable ventures?

"Is Buying Acerage A Good Investment?"

My grandmother is selling her house and 40 acres for about xxx,000.00, do you think it would be a good investment to buy her land and sell acre lots?

"Is There A Real Estate Development School?"

I am interested in your book, but I also need help finding a real estate developer school. Can you help me?

"Multiple Questions About Developing The Family Farm."

"Networking & The Real Estate Development Business."

I have read your ebook a few times now, great info. A few things I have learned about the Development Bizz is, Networking.

"Client's Project Report."

Our K xxxxxx duplex projects are forging on. We now have two sites -  a duplex consisting of two three bedroom units and our original 11 unit site.

"Real Estate Development Investor Needed?"

I know that both of your e-books are going to be helpful, and even though I am very busy, I will try to read some from each daily, until I can "talk the talk."

"They Borrow 120%+ How?"

As a Broker I see the closing statements of these deals, and EVERYTIME, the loan is 20%+ higher than the acquisitions costs.......construction loan?

"What Company Structure Do I Use?"

Does you book explain why those who develope residential lots and build as well have a separate company for developing and one for construction?  More specificly which company, for tax purposes, should recognize the gain on the lot?

"Which Term Is Correct; Real Estate Development or Property Development?"

You come across as an expert, so I hope you don't mind my troubling you with the following question, to which I can't find an answer. Is there any difference between the terms 'real estate' and 'property'?

"Will Your Ebook Help Us in The USA OR Does It Only Apply In Australia?"

"Would 'Knowing Development' Help My Finance Business?"

In the past year I've been studying and working on construction loans and have had some success. I'm now just beginning to work on real estate development loans, and I have several requests right now.

"Land Is All The Same, Isn't It?"

Here's a few people who would disagree with you on that statement, but let's just concentrate on why a developer would.

"Distressed Community Development - Somethings To Consider"

Well intentioned people, with little capital and little realestate development knowledge can get intO a lot of trouble.


Questions From Readers To A Master Builder

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Questions From A Guy Who Wants To Start A Development Company

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Questions About Who Is The Client's Advocate & Does The Builder Like To Meet The Client or Through A Third Party?

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Questions About Construction Issues.

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More Questions About Construction Issues.

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How To Work With A Builder.

"The Master Builder Interview Series Twelve - Questions From My Readers"

How To Get A House Building Price The Correct Way.




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