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From the desk of Colm Dillon ...



Colm here ...

OK, you're a real estate developer and maybe you've been through the school of hard knocks ...

You've probably learnt the business on the run and are 'fed-up'leaving money on the table through just not knowing a 'better way'.

I've been told this by more than a few people.

Firstly, let me tell you that I admire you very much.

No that's no 'throw away' line to sell a book ... after $1.2 billion as a real estate developer, life is fine ... so I mean every word I say.

An individual only grows when they acquire knowledge. I know many a real estate developer who would never admit, in a month of Sundays, that they need to improve their knowledge.

They say things like, “I’ve been doing it like this for the last 10 years ya, ya, ya."

Sometimes what they develop looks like one years experience multiplied by 10 years of doing the same thing.

I can tell you now that when market circumstances change, these real estate developers hit the wall hard; and worse, they are mentally and emotionally wounded from the experience.

They've been listening to "their own advice" for so long, that they don't have the answers any more, when the market askes the difficult questions.

This is a dreadful thing to happen ... believe me I've seen it.

Sorry if that sounds a bit dramatic, but life is dynamic and we just can't allow our 'minds' to be static.

So I am genuine in my praise of your search for knowledge as a real estate developer.

A Saying I Live By Goes Like This:

... the hardest "work" we ever do is "Think" ...
... after that it's All "Process" ...

In the earlier link choices I've made available to you on my home page, I've been talking to people who are essentially at, or near, the beginning of their life as a real estate developer.

I won't go through all that information for you ... maybe you've had a read anyway ... it won't do you ant harm.

I'll just say this to you ... my ebook contains what every professional real estate developer should be doing ... every time ... and after that, they should just repeat it again and again for every project.

To you specifically, all I want to emphasise is that, nothing I teach, will take away from your natural flare ... your ideas ... your concepts or energy ... that's not my job.

In fact, I believe the knowledge you gain will give you greater freedom to develop as you've ever had before.

What I do is give you a framework ... a plan ... or a Road Map I call it ... of the development process and procedures. I call it a Development Work Flow Chart.

You have probably not used one of these before. But it takes the "What do I do next" problem out of the business, because it is all set out for you.

With your background, I reckon you know, probably 90% of this stuff ... all I'm going to do is give you a structure ... for you maybe you'll call it a 'check list' along your development 'Time Line.'

If you only pick up half a dozen ideas or new ways of doing things, then your life as a real estate developer will improve.

I will take you through a full explanation of all the terms we use plus:

. How to do a Feasibility Study ...

. How to establish a development team of your own ...

. Importantly, how they should really work together ...

. How you can get the best out of them ...

. What your manner should be ... they'll notice, I promise ...

. How to go about selecting a builder ...

. How to get a building price; the best way ... and so much more.

At the end I actually go through a 'step-by-step' residential real estate development project as though I was doing it myself.

As you've applied for development finance before, I'll just give you another way ... I also include a template of an application that you can use ... you can make alterations to it to reflect your own project.

Like everything you do in your life ... there is a right way and the 'other way.'

If you do things the right way, you are treated better ... get a better result ... get it quicker and leave a very good impression behind you, which helps a lot with your next development.

People go through their lives leaving 'foot prints' of their attitude ... their work practices, their ethics, that ultimately become their Track Record as a real estate developer.

Improvements, through learning, are noticed by those you deal with ... believe me, it is noticed.

Also the way 'you are treated' improves many times over, as compared to the work you've put into the application of what I will teach you in my ebook.

I think that is enough of the explanation stuff for you. I want you to click on the following Link.

It will take you to a list of the Topic Headings that show you the range of subjects I cover. From that you should be able to decide if my ebook can help you or not.

Don't be daunted, I write in non-tech language and give my explanations in every day language.

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"Table Of Contents of Residential Development Made Easy"

Thank you,

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