Real Estate Development Made Easy Course Subject Distinction and Best Order to Purchase & Study

by Deborah Henry
(Jacksonville, FL, USA)

What are the difference between Residential Real Estate Development, Commercial Real Estate Development, and Land Subdivision Development Courses?

In what order would you recommend reading/purchasing for someone who is new to development and first wants to get knowledge and really comprehend the process before deciding which area is best for me to specialize in and will also be most profitable based on market demands?

Hi Deborah,

I am sorry for the delay but I have been touring and delivering my two day workshops in four locations and it takes a week for me to get back to normal.

In the development hiarchy I would put Land Subdivision development as the easiest first rung on the ladder of learning the development business.

If I can use a 'car' analogy - Land Sundivision has less 'moving parts' to go wrong.

The next two being residential and then commercial would be at the top of the learning curve.

Residential only comes in the middle because most of us are familiar with housing and apartment living and therefore start off with some degree of knowledge. This gives us confidence to take on this form of business.

When you get to know both residential and commercial development you will see that they are about the same level of challenge.

For someone who is going to be serious about real estate development they will study all three over time.

Hope this helps Deborah,

Colm Dillon

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