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Hello Colm Dillon here ...

Passion is a much used word these days ... putting my passion where my mouth is, my real estate development passion has continued for over 30 years and is $1.2 Billion HIGH.

Living on the fruits of one's development labor is great BUT it's just not enough.

The relaxed lifestyle is fantastic, BUT for a thinking individual ... it's just not enough!

So four years ago I decided to train a few people how to be real estate developers and now I've taught individuals in 106 countries how to become wealthy in their own terms.

That's individual people in every State of the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and a stack of other places now developing multi million dollar projects.

I teach them through the only Courses in the world written by a real life developer:

* Residential Real Estate Development Made Easy Edition 2.

* Commercial Real Estate Development Made Easy.

* Land Subdivision Development Made Easy.

PLUS Two Day Real Estate Development Workshops in Australia - United States - Canada.

So this blog is all about real estate development ... that's Residential & Commercial & Land Subdivision Development; just like my Courses.

So if you want to increase you knowledge and development skills in real estate development from a real developer and not just someone who talks about it, just click on that orange button and subscribe to this RSS feed.


Colm K Dillon

Mar 15, 2016

Nothing can hold me back.

Hi Colm, Thank you for giving us an opportunity to share with you our stories on this passion that we have,I'm currently pursuing my degree in marketing

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May 16, 2014

Structural Engineer

The Structural Engineer? So What Do They Do In The Real Estate Development Design Team?

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Jul 19, 2012

How Do I Get Development Finance To Start Developing?

How Do I Get Development Finance
To Start Developing?

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Jul 19, 2012

From Concretor To Development

From Concretor To Development

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Jul 19, 2012

career advice,

Career Advice For My Daughter

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Jul 19, 2012

Quantity Surveyor

Quantity Surveyor, Want To Know What These "Number Crunchers" Do For Real Estate Development Business? Read On.

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Jul 19, 2012

Hydraulic Engineers

Real Estate Development Hydraulic Engineers Design Services.

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Jul 19, 2012

Architects And Their Role In
Real Estate Development

Architects And Their Role In
Real Estate Development

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Real Estate Development"

Dec 14, 2011

How To Start Real Estate Development at a Young Age?

Hi Colm, I have studied urban and regional planning and have worked at a planning consulting firm and a municipal law office as a an urban planner for

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Dec 12, 2011

Real Estate Development Finance

Hello Colm, I have finished reading your E-book on land subdivision as this was the aspect of Real Estate Development that I had the most interest in.

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Dec 12, 2011

Real Estate Development Beginner

I have no experience in real estate investment or development so what is the best advice you can give me to become a developer or what's the first steps

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Dec 12, 2011

Degree in Real Estate development

Hi Colm Is it important to have a Degree in Real Estate Development/or a Business degree? The reason I am asking this is because I want to start my

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Dec 12, 2011

Real Estate Clock

I live in Melbourne and have invested in 3 properties,but lately i have a desire to develope 2-4 townhouses on the one block. How do you work out when

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Dec 11, 2011

Architect Interested in Changing to Real Estate Developer

What would you recommend for an architect that is very interested in getting involved with large scale real estate developing? I have worked for years

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Dec 11, 2011

Am I on the right track?

Hi Colm, I'm 23 just recently finished off my Electrical trade degree and I've always interested in the real estate developing area but didn't know where

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Sep 13, 2011

A Young Man On a Mission

Hi, I'm currently 18 years of age and work for a Construction Company as a Software Engineer. I started my career by completing a Certificate III in Engineering

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Sep 13, 2011

Down on my luck

Right now, I am down on my luck. I lost my driving license, lost my girl friend due to it. My job got down graded, barely can pay bills. I am a sailor,

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Aug 29, 2011


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Jul 20, 2011

Ambitious and Dedicated to Master my Goals.

I want to learn the art of property development and hopefully become a pro over time. Like you said the right way of doing things is the only way. You

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Feb 20, 2011

Real Estate Development Blog

The Unique Real Estate Development Blog The Coach

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Jan 27, 2011

No experience

I have absolutely no experience in Real Estate, but I do love buying and selling, and seeking out a deal. Also have had experience in building four of

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Jan 27, 2011

Real Estate Development Joint Venture

I have the land and want to develop a residential and community development, but it was refused by the Local Council. I wonder if I can get the information

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Jan 27, 2011

Market Assessment

Does your course cover how you go about assessing market conditions; in relation to where and what to develop? Obviously it is supply and demand, but

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Sep 13, 2010

Salesman's Daydream to Become a Development Reality

I am a moderately successful salesman, closing multimillion dollar deals and achieving a fairly successful career in sales at the age of 25. I don't sit

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Aug 05, 2010

Keen to learn Real Estate Development; Find the Right Material (mentor) that works for me..

Hi Colm, I am excited and keen to get into property development so for the past 2 weeks I have spent 3-4 hours a day researching different companies,

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Jul 07, 2010

How Do You Find a Real Estate Development JV Partner

Hi Colm I am trying to start a real estate development company and I need to have a JV Partner to help with the funding. How do I find one and where?

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Jun 23, 2010

NSW Land Subdivision Development Project

Hi Colm, I have a project at (place name removed) NSW which is a 20 lots of residential land. I bought it about 5 years before but still not be able

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Jun 02, 2010

Am I Too Young to Start Developing Units

I am 21 years of age and want to know if I am too young to develop real estate on a big scale? I am talking about 200 apartment building in the northern

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May 08, 2010

Pink Sheet Companies

Colm, I read your book and loved it. After 17 years in the commercial construction industry your book gave me the confidence I needed to pursue real estate

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Apr 28, 2010

Developing 8 Units.

I am looking to develop 8 condo units in a certain part of town. This town doesnt really have much vacant land so I will need to purchase a home knock

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Apr 19, 2010

Green Real Estate Development

Hi Colm, Is it worth it to build with green or sustainability in mind? What about paybacks? Hi Todd, The essential motivation driving Green Real Estate

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Mar 22, 2010

More Information on Your Real Estate Development Course

Colm, We have several projects that we are going to undertake in the Asian markets and wonder if your courses are also relevant for real estate development

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Feb 28, 2010

Cost/Benefit in Real Estate Development Business Products

Hi Colm, My name is David L, 23 years old, and first of all thanks very much for your quick responses on the previous inquiries I have sent to you.

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Feb 20, 2010

Dealing with Architects, an issue of control!

Hi Colm, My name is David, I'm 23 years old, from Panama, and I have already wrote on this blog before. I have been dealing in real estate since 17

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Dec 31, 2009

Thanks - It is great to have you out there.

Hi Colm, Thank you very much for making yourself so accessible. That is very commendable and appreciated. You are right - there is not much out

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Dec 25, 2009

David Lokee in Republic of Panama

Hi Colm, First of all Merry Christmas, wishing you the best for 2010 as well. My name is David Lokee and I am 23 years old, and I read your course

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Dec 21, 2009

Nicolas Del Valle

Hi Colm, Since I was a kid I’ve had a passion for building. In the past few months I have been involved in the development of a resort in the

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Nov 11, 2009

I Have No Development Expierience

I have no expierience but ive read books such as Real Estate development principles and process. My questiion is: how can i start with no money? also

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Nov 03, 2009

Beginning with the end.

Hi Colm, More of a question than a story. How did you arrive at your retirement goal? Was it pre meditated that 1.2b was the optimum number to

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Oct 20, 2009

how do I get started as a real estate developer?

How do I Stanley Carr, as a novice real estate developer with poor credit rating and the subject of discriminatory practices. Hello Stanley, Your

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Oct 20, 2009

Developing in Melbourne

A lot of great advice but does this apply to laws and regulations in Victoria, AUS? or even australia as a whole? Hello Spiro, What I teach you

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Oct 20, 2009

A dream that wont just go away

I am a ghanaian lady who resides in the UK. I have 10 acres of land in ghana and have always had the dream of developing an estate to sell. The

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Sep 01, 2009

Commercial Course First?

Hello Mr. Dillon, I am interested in commercial real estate development much more so than residential. Could I only buy the commercial or is your

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Aug 20, 2009

securing financing for a resort/mixed use project

I am a developer in the Huntsville Alabama area, the number 1 rated city in the USA for growth and quality of life. I purchased the most beautiful

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Jul 05, 2009

Property Development Made Easy For You

Learn How To do A Property Development The Right Way, The First Time From The Only Ebook By A Master $1.2 Billion Developer.

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Jun 19, 2009

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going!

Colm, I must thank you dearly for what you are doing. I've always wanted to become a Real Estate developer but lacked the funds to dive head-on into

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