Readers Say
Real Estate Development Coach
Is Number One On Google

Hello Colm Dillon here ...

What my readers say to me is always the most important aspect of what I put out in the most public forum, that is the world wide web.

All I do is put their comments on a page as a public endorsement of what they think of my material. So you can imagine the blast I got the other day when a reader told me I was Number One on Google; Number 2 on Yahoo; Number 1 on Live and Number 2 on Ask.

I mean what a blast? As my students know I am just one person with a PC at home teaching individuals real estate development from my own development background.

So the fact that I don't have a major web corporations promotional budget, shows what a democratic place the web is, so that even an individual at home can get to the top - Yee-haaa!

All I can say is a big Thank You to all my readers.

So Thank You most sincerely.

Colm Dillon

PS: If you want to get to the material my readers say is informative, just click on the link you just passed.