Property Development Market Research

The Foundation of Property Development Work

Property development market research is the foundation of all successful development projects. It tells you exactly what your customers will buy from you.

Customers buy the apartments, strata title office and residential land.

You don't.

Architects don't.

Engineers don't

The customer do. 

So you must know what they want to buy. 

Apple and Microsoft create new products every day, based on what their customers want to buy. 

If  it's good enough you for them, it's got to be good enough for us.

My property development market research covers:

> Zoning - Find the exact zoning required for your property development.


> The Town Plan - your city shows exactly where your target zone is.

> Your market sector - if you plan for a product sales price of $300,000, you don't look in millionaires row.

> Your Competition developments 

> Knowing your City/Town

> Deskwork - Create a land value Data base

> Property development finance. 


> Also finding a good lawyer who knows about development.

> Let's not forget about researching financiers and banks.


> Finding and engaging an architect and engineer. 

These activities happen well before you buy land. This work lets you target the specific market and land acquisition for your project. 

That is the beginning. I also give you a complete "Development Proposal" to lodge with your City Council (City Hall). 

Most councils never received one like mine  and stops them asking 'delaying questions.

All you do is fill in your property development details.

Knowledge is power. So how to get it for your target market is what I teach you. 

Then you will repeat the process for the rest of your property development life... it's as bankable as gold in a vault.

Research Areas We Will Cover

■ Zoning

■ Development Regulations

■ Town Plan

■ Know your City

■ Determine your Market Sector

■ Examine Other Developments                                                                                                                                                                            

■ Analyzing Sales Data

■ Create Land Value Data Base

■ Development Finance Research

■ Commercial Finance Broker Research

■ Development Attorney Research