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Hi Colm,

How have you been? Busy I expect with such widespread interest in your ebook.

Our K xxxxxx duplex projects are forging on. We now have two sites - a duplex consisting of two three bedroom units and our original 11 unit site.

We have had a change in direction in that we have asked xxx to Quote on the construction. Their price is fixed and it fits into our budget.

They basically only build the units, we have to organise headwork's , driveways , turf , carpet etc.

We are OK with this concept and believe that once we have the site engineering completed we can get a quote for the headwork's and will be ready to proceed with our presale advertising.

As this is our first project we would feel a lot more comfortable if we could get somebody to look over what we have so far. We constantly refer to your ebook, to make sure we are still on track.

Do you offer this kind of service or can you recommend a professional with experience equal to yours.

I am confident we have everything we need but believe that obtaining an experienced opinion now could avoid anything being overlooked.

Hope to hear form you soon.



Hello R,

Fantastic to here that you are proceeding so well and that the ebook is holding its own in your 'real project' world. That's what it is all about - but it's nice to be told.

As we live in the same city, it should be OK for me to help you out. How much time is involved and do you have a suggested date?

Best wishes,

Colm Dillon

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