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Hi Colm,

My interest level for building development is growing significantly day by day.

Currently I'm a XXX in xxx USA and during my off days I'm evolved in foreclosed real-estate. Please guide me in anyway professionally possible in my pursuit in becoming a professional residential, commercial and land developer.


From the desk of Colm Dillon ...

Author of "Residential Development Made Easy"

Hello P,

As you have a full time occupation and no doubt with family responsibilities as well, the option of stopping all that and going to University for 4 years is not on.

It frustrates me to tell you that I am not aware of ANY schools in Australia, England or the States where you can go. If there were you could find them on the web.

You see this is what I realized and why I wrote the ebook Residential Development Made Easy.

I mean P, can you believe that one of the biggest industries IN THE WORLD does not have a damn school to teach people like you what you want to learn.

Frankly if I had found this out 20 years ago, I might have done something about it ... but at this stage of my life I just have not got the time for such a commitment.

So I do the best I can - my ebook is the only one in the world that actually teaches you how to do it.

There are two other books available, but they are large and of use to Uni Students doing a Phd ... but those guys who leave University with a degree, still have to learn how to do it ... all the theory in the world is helpful ... but when you get to the point of ... What Do I Do Next? ... they're not much help - so that's what my ebook concentrates on.

Oh, yes, I also answer questions for my readers, when they ask, so I don't just leave them once the study the book - have you read my Blog on my Home Page - this is where is spread the answers I give directly to individual readers to a wider readership.

Put the blog on you favourites as I update it on a regular basis.

Hope this helps.

Remember, I'm not a Corporation - I'm an individual, so if I can help you I will.

Keep up the good work

Colm Dillon

Residential Development Made Easy

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