Nothing can hold me back.

Hi Colm,

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to share with you our stories on this passion that we have,I'm currently pursuing my degree in marketing and is completing in May.

My hunger for real estate developer started when I was about ten and would go with my uncle to his construction site. I would watch in awe the lady inspectors at the site wearing boots and I would tell my uncle that I would one day love to be like those ladies.

I would also own a lot of buildings in Town. I wanted to pursue a career in real estate development but due to lack of proper guiding career wise, I chose marketing as my course. I realized that could not stop me from achieving my dream.

All i wanted was to build beautiful homes for families; nice shopping centres for the society and first class hotels for our tourists.

The main problem I have is financing. I recently read Sidney Sheldon's novel,The Stars Shine Down and I must admit I realized financing is not at all that big issue to stop me.

In his novel he talks of a young woman who comes from a very remote area and was very poor. However against all odds she managed to become the best estate developer in an industry dominated by men.

Even though my country Botswana has a very small population of about 2 million and sources of financing are not that easy to get, Im telling you it is not going to be a barrier to my dream.

Recently i consulted financial institutions who provide youth with loans to start businesses to create employment and they told me my idea was a very good one but too big for a person of my age.

I am working on my business plan to submit to them.

Ben Carson says in his book,'Gifted Hands' that he so wanted to be a doctor and coming from a poor background wouldn't stop him not even the fact that he was black and used to be the worst performing student in his class in primary.

The fact that I'am completing my degree and have no source of financing would not stop me from building beautiful homes for families and big beautiful malls for those families.

Thank you for all you are doing because it has made a difference in a lot of people's lives.......God bless you.

Kesegofetse Papana

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Mar 15, 2016
Nothing Can Hold Me Back.
by: Colm

Hello Kesegofetse,

Thank you for your energetic and inspiring letter.

Your Marketing Degree will be of great assistance to you, as Marketing is my number one subject in my course, Real Estate Development Made Easy.

No matter what kind of real estate we develop, all of it must be marketed successfully or we will not make a profit, that will allow us to do our next project.

To progress your developing career, may I suggest that you join a real estate sales agency and gain experience is marketing and selling all types of real estate.

Or alternatively, seek to join an existing developer and use your marketing knowledge to assist their campaigns be more successful.

Very few developers have the full range of talents across the range of activities required for development and need to 'buy in' these skills.

I have had many experienced developers buy my Development Coarse and then tell me how much they have learned or had dropped doing the things I tell them in my e-book and in their own words, "had left many thousands of dollars on the table."

Best wishes,

Colm Dillon

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