Nicolas Del Valle

by Nicolas Del Valle

Hi Colm,

Since I was a kid I’ve had a passion for building. In the past few months I have been involved in the development of a resort in the Caribbean and I am discovering that my passion as a kid was real.

The business has so many insights that one stays busy over night trying to find ways to make it better.

After this project is over I would like to do condos in the Caribbean. I just visited the Caribbean and saw a great deal of opportunities.

I just need to learn more about this business because with passion alone probably I won’t go very far. Regardless of what happens I am planning to start very small and grow my way in.

Nicolas Del Valle

Hello Nicolas,

Thanks for writing and congratulations on getting work in the development business. Real on the ground experience is very valuable if you are like me a soak up knowledge like vacuum cleaner.

Regarding your new venture I want you to note what my course teaches. The number one issue is Market Research.

That does not just mean knowing the style of unit the people want to buy; that's a 'given.' It also means are banks lending to your future buyers and on what terms and conditions. Are they lending for developments?

You may find banks want buyers to put in more equity into a unit than they did in the past.

Market research is my number one subject, so pay attention to all the issues I raise in the course because they underwrite all your other activities tha produce your fininshed project.

Best wishes and good luck,

Colm Dillon

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