My Passion for Real Estate Development

by Darlene

In my childhood I move several times. Myself and family lived in rented properties for a long time. In my teenage years my mom bought her first property and 3 years later she sold the property and moved to U.S.

I started looking for my future so I decided to stay and live on my own with no family around me. It was really hard knowing there was no place to go to and I became lonely and homeless.

My experienced gave me motivation to look to a better future. I work in the tourism industry for several years and then move to U.S.

Looking to get experience in the Real Estate Industry you are probably asking yourself why she wants to get in the Real Estate Industry?

Well at that time I realize I did not have a house or an apartment to stay neither my family. I was raised in a house that was not own by my family and move several time because of one year leasing agreements.

I started researching online for information on how to became a first time home buyer. Then, I took a course on Loan origination.

I started working as a loan officer in 2005 making in less than 2 month $15,000 was then when I understood this two words "Think Big".

In 2006 became a Mortgage Broker and bought what is now my home. I put aside the Mortgage brokerage job to start getting experience in the home building industry.

I started working with a small home builder in my town and I gain a lot of experience not only did I learn about home building I also learn about commercial development, leasing and management.

Now, I am 26yr and I have a passion for Real Estate. I was layoff recently but instead of looking at it as a big fall down I see an open door for my future.

I want to become a good and remarkable developer in my community and I want to contribute to the future of the next generation. I want to be the first entrepenuer in my family and make a change in the generation to come.

Hi Darlene,

Your life story is inspirational and just shows what can be achieved by a determined individual using her own logic to establish a 'life path.'

You have used every opportunity to educate yourself to the next logical step in your life ... congratulations.

I will email you privately and see how I can help you further your journey in a positive way.

Fantastic ... and thank you for telling us about it.



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