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Real Estate Development Coach
 I Must Be Doing Something Right

Hello Colm here ...

I hope you don't mind a little 'yippie' from me, but msn have just elevated my site to Number Two spot out of 9,800,000
web pages and I have been running around the house clicking my heels and high fiving anyone within reach.

My wife side-stepps me now if I approach her in the corridor (claims her arm is sore) but as all the kids are
living away, what else can I do?

Can you imagine what will happen when I get to Number 1 on Google. I am currently No. 9 on their page one in
their search total of about 92,000,000 web pages.

And Yahoo has me at No 1; that is up against all the big guys with millions to spend on their web sites.

None of this means much to you guys, but I suppose it just says that the work I do on real estate development is up
there with the best on the web.

You see I ain't a web expert or even very technically good, so that makes it all that more special for me.



PS: If you want to read the info that made MSN gave me top spot just click this link.

Author of "Residential Real Estate Development Made Easy"