Master Mind Group
How To Access Meeting

This page will give you details on what to do in order to attend the Master Mind Group weekly meeting.

Please Read Carefully & Copy This Page For Reference and there is a video at the bottom of the page.

1. What you Need.

A PC and a Microphone. This software will not work on a Mac. I use a Head Mic.

2. What It Costs.

There are No Phone Costs, as all talking is done on the web.

3. How The Meeting Works

The way this development conference software works, (only works on Windows - no Macs) is that I am the moderator and as you guys login, your name appears on the side panel (you type in your name and country when you login.)

Bill - New York

Tracy - California

Mike - UK

and so on ...

When you want to ask a question, you just right click on your name and select the Question tag and a question icon appears next to your name like:

? Bill - New York

? Tracy - California

? Mike - UK

and so on ...

When Bill has his questioned answered, I invite Tracy to ask her question.

At the bottom left of the screen is a button "TALK" - if you have a head mic, you just click on the TALK button and talk ... when you finish you release the TALK button.

4. Weekly Conference Day & Time

Please Read This Carefully - It Is Not Difficult

Time zones change all over the world and some countries and States also change to a Summer Time. Below is World Clock. Please use it to find out Your Local Time for my Local Time.

Meeting Day: Tuesday Brisbane Time

Time: 9.30am - Brisbane - State of Queensland - Australia

(Note my State does not change to Australian Summer Time, so it is important you look up for the City of Brisbane. 9.30am Tuesday my time is about 7.30pm Monday US EST - But Please Check!)

When the day and time arrives for the development conference, please try to login about five minutes before the time, as I will start on time.

5. The link you will need to use is:

Click Here To Access Master Mind Group Room

It will only work for the time set out below.

If you cannot locate this page in the future Just COPY & PASTE this link into your Browser.

6. Meeting Password: coach101 (Copy & Paste into Conference Password Box - only works for this meeting)

7. Just click on the link and follow the on-screen instructions.

8. If you have a Fire Wall on your PC, it may ask you to 'Allow' this access to the Conference Room - just click "Allow."

On my PC this request comes up twice, so just click it again.

9. After that you will be asked to enter Your Name - Country Plus the Pass Word (coach101) – just enter it in ‘lower case’ and click OK.

10. You will now be in the room, where I will join you at 9.30am.

For the optimum participation please ensure that you have a microphone. I have a head-microphone that I picked up for little cost at the local electronic store.

11. As you are located in other parts of the world and to avoid the confusion of summer time adjustments please use this link to a world clock AND always use the time that is based on City of Brisbane, State of Queensland, Australia time for 9.30am - that is My Tuesday.

Go To World Clock (Copy & Paste)into Browser.

Talk to you soon ...


Colm Dillon

Watch This video To See How It All Works

Click Here:
Video Demonstration Of How The Development Conference System Works