Market Assessment

by philip

Does your course cover how you go about assessing market conditions; in relation to where and what to develop?

Obviously it is supply and demand, but what I'm thinking about is are you looking for the next potentially upcoming area of investment and get in first, or do you follow the flow of money in that area once momentum is building up?

With the current market almost non-existent,lending flat and new government in place, changing in particular housing policy, it could be difficult to make a sound choice.

Eventually if the economy doesn't collapse, there will be an uplift and I would be interested to know how you would position yourself?

Do your books explain this ?

Sorry to be so longwinded.

Hi Philip,

Thanks for a great set of questions on real estate development and let me say immediately that my e-book does cover this - in fact it is the first topic in the e-book.

Why? Because all we developers do is respond to a market need. At no stage do we just do what we feel like doing; that is like heading for disaster.

So I teach you in a step by step explanation how I go about the assessment of a location in your target area; how to establish the right price to pay for the land and how to approach the seller yourself.

In addition to that I teach you how to go about assessing the market competition for the exact product you intend developing. It shows you how to do a financial feasibility study; in other words the full and correct way to go about a development the 'right way the first time.'

Now about economic times and government policies etc; they are always with us. However learning real estate development is not just a case of reading and studying my material.

I tell you what work you have to do before you even start looking for land. Remember real estate development is a business and so I teach you how to go about it is a business like manner in a systematic way.

Now when the market conditions are correct you are ready to pull the trigger, which is a great deal better just starting the learning process.

Hope this helps,


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