Las Vegas Workshop DVD Set

Congratulations – clearly you are very serious about learning how to become a real estate developer.

By now you would have all or some of my written e-courses I have used to help hundreds of individuals like you to become successful and live a life style that is within the grasp of those who take the opportunities in both hands.

I know that the many people stop short of all the opportunities that are placed within their reach.

Earlier you may have noticed that:

1. I am the only real developer, as opposed to academics, who has ever passed on my knowledge of how to develop real estate.

2. I also said that as I am getting older I am not going to do any more Real Estate Development Workshops, as they just tak too much out of me physically ... remember I'm retired.

3. This is the only place you can buy my Workshop DVDs of the Workshop I held in Las Vegas. I talked and taught real estate development for two solid days ... no other speakers - just 'yours truely' on his feet for 8 hours a day - 16 hours of everything I could teach.

On top of that DVD set there are another two DVDs you get as well in the same price.

The first is an exclusive tour of the Behind the Scenes Tour of a great Hotel, the Trump International Hotel & Tower. Not the glam side of the hotel business; anybody can see that. This is a tour of all the equipment from roof top to basement - places "nobody" from the public would be allowed to see.

The second DVD is a 2 hour interview I did after the Workshop where I was grilled by a development friend of mine. He asked all the questions that cannot be covered in a Workshop ... we covered a lot in 2 hours as I tell you how it is in development, no holds barred.

So that's it ... now -

Watch ... Listen ... Then Decide ...

Real Estate Development Workshop

In Las Vegas

DVD SET & Hard Copy Slides

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