Keen to learn Real Estate Development; Find the Right Material (mentor) that works for me..

by Faith

Hi Colm,

I am excited and keen to get into property development so for the past 2 weeks I have spent 3-4 hours a day researching different companies, mentors, free ebooks and attending development seminars.

I must admit that I learnt quite a bit from your website especially the FAQ's page which has lead me to ask a question or two myself..

My situation is: I have just bought an investment property which is in its' construction stage at the moment.

The land value in the area has increased by $40k in the last 6 months for land only. We have a tenant ready to go once the house is complete and that is on a 12 month contract.

We have 3 months worth of savings. My first question is what makes your e-course different to other companies like CDEVELOP or Property Mastermind? Admittedly I like your price a lot more then theres.

Secondly: By getting a slight insight in our current standing, once we have acquired knowledge, are we in a position to get into property development?

Thirdly: With your e-course, are your students able to contact you directly via email with re: to any questions or concerns they might have?

Look forward to your reply Colm.


Hello Faith,

I don't know of these other people you mention. All I can say is that I made my money out of development and not out of selling books and that is why my material is so low in cost.

I have been told for 8 years that what I give for the price of $89.00 is far too low and I could easily charge 2, 3 or 4 times that ... and the latest time was at my Sydney Seminar.

So I am interested in teaching people how to do it correctly the first time. I am not interested in telling you "just enough" to make you realize it is a bit difficuly and then slip in some comment on the last page like "however if you find it a bit difficuly, my team will do it for you." (For a big fat FEE of course)

I am out of development and my e-books will give you exact instruction of the entire process line by line. OK?

My material is studied in a growing number of countries and the last time I looked it was 139 and this has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars of projects being developed ... so I guess my stuff works.

You seem to be developing one house property and that is fine and a good learning curve. But understand that I teach people to develop more than one. In fact with my residential you could develop any number of townhouses and low and hi-rise units.

Oh yes, I am always happy to answer questions, BUT there are rules. You must have "studied my material" in a serious way and carried out the work I expect you to have.

I do not tolerate 'real estate dreamers' who want to tell me about their Scheme for developing 10 acres of down town ... and this has happened. It is a very short conversation.

I emphasise the phrase 'studied my material' - that does not mean 'read it' once or twice. Nothing worthwhile is achieved without some work taking place in the brain part of our bodies.

If I get asked a question that is already answered in my book, I am entitled to believe that 'study' has not occurred. I have no time for that kind of person.

After people have attended one of my seminars and or bought my DVD Residential Seminar, I give then 12 months one-on-one free mentoring.

I do not offer mentoring with the sale of one book, but I will answer questions from a student who follows my rules.

Hope this helps you out.

Colm Dillon

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