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Learning How To Become
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Has Been A Problem Until Now

When you search for information that teaches you how to become a real estate developer; that's "How You Actually Do It," as all of my students found, there is nothing available on the web or libraries until I wrote my E-Courses.

Now if you search Google for the term 'real estate development' you'll find my web site on page one of 11 million web sites BUT the only one that actually teaches development.

So that tells you the story in this highly specialized niche as recognising me as an authority on this subject of real estate development.

I am not saying this to impress you, rather to impress upon you that I am the only "experienced developer" who is prepared to pass on the knowledge I have given my students over the past three years and will continue to give and is based on experience from the real development world and not 'classroom theory.'

From the desk of Colm Dillon ...

Author of "Residential Real Estate Development Made Easy"

Author of "Commercial Real Estate Development Made Easy"

Author of "Land Subdivision Development Made Easy"


Hello, Colm here ...

To start answering the question about "how to become a real estate developer," we need to start with you and what ambition is your driving life force? Because if that driving force is there you can achieve anything.

Your driving force is the foundation of your motivation. I am not talking about the motivation you get out of reading a motivational book.

I am talking about the "essence of who you are" and where you see your place in the world.

The work you'll undertake in learning how to become a real estate developer has three main outcomes:

1. You are creating beautiful homes for people who'll be living in your creation, long after you're are gone.

2. The actual work you'll do is pleasurable ... I still get a real 'buzz' when I start a new development.

3. After all this personal pleasure, you get 'congratulated' by having people put money into your bank account to increase your wealth.

So overall learning how to become a real estate developer seem to have a great outcome, making a pretty darn good 'life package' to me ... that's my experience anyway.

Let's understand, that there is nothing I have to teach you on how to become a real estate developer, that is such an intellectual mountain, that it is beyond the scope of everyone of normal intelligence.

What you have to learn is just 'different,' skills that's all.

Increase Your Knowledge

I am all about increasing your Knowledge ... increase knowledge on many aspects of real estate development. The old phrase, 'knowledge is power' only became old, because it is true.

Here's one I have used for a long time ...

Spending Money Is Easy ... Anyone Can Do It.
Getting It Back ... Plus A Bit More For Profit;
That's A Bit More Difficult!

To Achieve That Goal You Spend Your Money In A Controlled Programmed Way Based On Knowledge while learning how to become a real estate developer

So acquiring 'that knowledge' is Putting Money In Your Pocket
as sure as night follows day.

I can only cover a few items here on this page on what I cover when teaching you how to become a real estate developer. But let me drop this thought on you and see how it sits.

A real estate developer does not have to be an "expert" in any aspect of the entire development process.

He or she does have to know the entire development process and procedures and how to co-ordinate or manage people ... the developer is the client - the boss - whatever handle you want to use.

It might be a good idea to read the last few sentences again and then think about what I have just said.

Market Research.

Did I hear you 'YAWN'?

I Hope Not!!

Market research, the way I teach you, will tell you exactly what you you need to build for the market sector you are aiming at. Unless you have an 'educated' opinion on what the market WANTS to buy, how can you tell a designer to create it?

The good news is that there are many things you can start doing 'right now.' In my courses I get you started immediately on your own 'Market Research’ as the foundation of how to become a real estate developer.

I show you to turn this activity into a pleasurably experience ... and one that is carried out regularly and with a system behind it.

Learning how to become a real estate developer involves finding a formula that works ... and repeating it.

Don't worry, this is not a factory, there is plenty of variety for you, but that variety rides on a well oiled machine. OK?

For example if you are going to build some condos in a specific location, I want you to visit every current development; not just when they are finished and looking fabulous ... I want you to see them at several stages during of construction.

These developments show you the best 'your' current market has to offer. Now your job, as part of learning how to become a real estate developer, is to assess other condos and to look at them with an educated eye.

One aspect is to not only assess the current opposition product, but to use that experience, to create ideas that will improve your design.

Just repeating what is already being offered in the market is not good enough ... this is where you add you're own brand of personal magic, and that reflects your unique style. I teach you how to do this.

You only 'form' these ideas by KNOWING your opposition's product backwards. By feeding your mind on this stuff, your subconscious takes over, and you start creating.

Now while learning how to become a real estate developer, you must develop the creative side of your nature.

Now don't put the 'bar' so high for yourself, that it is impossible for you to clear it.

But remember, your development is "YOURS" it is not the architects, the engineers or the builders - it's yours.

So while you have all these professionals around you, don't get caught up in their 'tech' language ... just explain what you want in your terms ... and it's their job to interpret your wishes. I teach you all about this; OK?

So you see this is just one aspect of the work you will do ... but I'll just teach you to do it in a structured and more disciplined way, as you learn how to become a real estate developer.

Land Acquisition.

Like everything in life, there is a correct way to do this and there is the other way, but I'll teach you the right way in how to become a real estate developer.

I'll also teach you not to buy the land as a first step. Yep, that what most people do and from then onwards they are on a "search and explore" mission to answer the question, "what do I do next?"

I show you the right way as well as a step-by-step method of negotiating a purchase yourself, if you elect not to use an agent.

Handy stuff, even if you don't ever use it, because you can use this knowledge to help you assess the agent who represents you.

Design Consultants.

Who are they ... what do they do for you ... and when to use them?

All these topics are covered, which puts you far ahead of many of those in the business now who learnt the hard way while struggling to learn how to become a real estate developer.

Remember you are really 'in training' to be a Development Manager for your own Self Managed Project, as you proceed through my process on how to become a real estate developer.

So that means you are training to manage resources, both physical, human and financial to achieve your goals.

Remember you don't have to be the expert in everything, but you have to be a "manager of experts." And that is why you need to know how to use these guys, which is all part of learning how to become a real estate developer.

Development Applications. (DA for short)

What are they? ... why do I have to get one? ... do they cost me anything? ... who do I need to get me one? etc. etc.

In most Town Plans in most cities, towns, shires where they have them, the people elected over a period of time, have determined how they want their town to look ... the environmental feel of the place.

So now you come along and buy a old house, on a large block of land, in an area zoned for individual residential homes.

As far as you are concerned the house is dilapidated (beyond renovation) and the land could fit four modern, well-designed townhouses, each with more usable living space than the original old house design.

Well, to be able to create those four townhouses you need to get permission and that's what a DA is all about.

I will also take you through a full explanation of all the terms we use plus:

. How to do a Feasibility Study ...

. How to establish a development team of your own ...

. Importantly, how they work together ...

. How to get the best out of them ...

. What your manner should be ...

. How to go about selecting a builder ...

. How to get a building price; the best way ... and so much more.

At the end I actually take you through a 'step-by-step' real estate development project as though I was doing it myself.

If you have never applied for development finance before, I not only tell you how ... I also include an application that you can use ... you can make alterations to it to reflect your own project. Has been very successful for my students.

Like everything you do in your 'current life' ... there is a right way and the 'other way.'

If you do things the right way, you are treated better ... get a better result ... get it quicker and leave a very good impression behind you, which helps a lot with your next development.

People go through their lives leaving 'foot prints' of their attitude ... their work practices, their ethics, that ultimately become their Track Record.

I am sure you agree having the word 'excellent' in front of those two words is the only way to go. That's what I am all about in teaching you how to become a real estate developer ... make my life easier and the same for you.

Perhaps you might be interested in how I began and maybe something like this is happening to you now. In 1970 a major change occurred in my life. I gave up my 12 year engineering career.

Yes, everything I had worked for since leaving College went out the window. My experience, my qualifications, my (work) reason for existance was over.

I kept having conversation with myself, along the lines, "there has to be something better; more challenging that this engineering stuff."

I kept saying to myself, "You're not learning, you're not growing; all you're doing is repeating what you already know and making money."


"So what are you going to do about it?"

The next day I resigned and set out on my search - for what, I didn't have a clue. I just knew that I would know it, when I found it.

Now $1.2 Billion developments and 30 years later I am, what some people might call happily semi retired, but am as busy as ever teaching individuals how to become a real estate developer; and lots of other stuff.

So that is how I got started in this fantastic real estate development business. It is hard to tell you in a few words just how good it is, when done correctly.

My "Commercial; Residential & Land Subdivision Development Made Easy" are above all ... Practical Courses ... not theory; you can go to University for that stuff.

These are courses for you to study, because I not only want to teach you how to "walk the walk" of development, but also how to "talk the talk."

If you want to learn how to become a real estate developer, (in some places they prefer the words property developer) ... if you want to learn about how to become a real estate developer, you are going to come up very short indeed if you look in the library or on the web.

Why You Ask?

The answer is simple. The guys 'who know' about real estate development are too busy making money from development and prefer to leave buildings behind them, not instruction books ... besides, many think, "I learnt the hard way; you can as well!"

For example, I could make more money from developing a small six townhouse development, than writing and selling these courses over a five plus year period. So you see the decision to develop real estate is pretty easy for most to make.

So I'm a bit out of step. You see, I've never developed anything as small as six townhouses, yet I've spent 30 years as a professional developer - you can click on the link above and see my developments.

I have always loved writing and I love the idea of passing on the knowledge that has made my life such a satisfying one.

You may find this hard to believe, but after thiry years, it is even necessary to have a change in direction to keep your brain switched on and stimulated ... so that is why I am in this new phase teaching you how to become a real estate developer.

Remember life is not a dress rehersal ... it's the real deal and not a practice run. So make decisions about your life.


I am so very appreciative for the spirit in which you approach your work/contribution. Prior to receiving your e-book, I honestly had no idea how to begin my business plan.

James Barnes - USA

My ebook on how to become a real estate developer has sold in all US States, Canada, Australia, Africa, New Zealand, UK, Europe, UAE; in fact, in 106 countries and over the past four years, experience tells me to get a few questions you will have, out of the way immediately ...

These Questions & Answers will help you quickly find out if what I have written will help you or not.

So please read them ... don't skip ... people 'actually' write and ask me these questions AFTER they have bought the courses, when the answers are below.


Colm, I live in Cape Town, in Sydney, in Toronto, in LA, in Birmingham ... wherever ... will your how to become a real estate developer e-Book work where I live? After all, you live in Australia!

Answer! Yes.

As long as you live in a Free Enterprise economy, then the way we go about real estate development is the same everywhere.

The only differences between, where you live and where I live, are the Local Authority Rules & Regulations ... Not How We Go About Real Estate Development.

For Example: Zoning Allowances

What you can build on a 5,000 square foot (or square meter) piece of residential land, will be different, not only from country to country, but also from City To City in the same country.

It is the local town plan that determines these capacities, OK. Can you see that point?

Here's another example ... Building Regulations.

Can you see why Building Regulations would be different in a sub-tropical climate and the freezing temperatures experienced in parts of the US and Canada?

The climatic conditions make many of the building regulations change. One location is concerned with keeping heat outside the home and the other is into keeping the cold outside. This affects the cladding, insulation, glazing etc

I hope those two extremes in temperature conditions make the point for you.

So to wrap up this issue ...

. Real estate development processes and procedures are the same no matter where you live in the Free World ...

. It is the local Council or the Local Authority's Rules & Regulations that differ from place to place.


I love the coarse it is exactly what I was looking for God Bless you for taking the time to put it all together. I have been through it once and about to go through it again , again,!

Dave Treasureman - USA


Can I buy your e-courses in hard copy?

Answer! No.


Publishers are very interested in Sales Numbers. I'm interested as well ... but not as interested as they are. These books would never get off the ground if it had to be published in hard copy.

The fact is that there are a limited number of people interested in learning how to become a real estate developer in any individual town or city.

Example: How many people do you know who are "knowledgeable about", or even "really interested" in real estate development.

Remember I said, 'development' not real estate. Go on ... one hand will do ... how many fingers are you holding up?

So my friends, people who want to learn 'real estate development' are very thin on the ground ... and why not, entrepreneurs who 'take charge of their lives and make things happen ... are thin on the ground in any city or country.

And Finally: The cost of printing, packaging and postage would be so high that you would not pay the money and I would not have written it in the first place. The web is world wide and is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to get my book to the people who need it.

So download the course files and print it on your own printer and put in a nice binder.


Your Feasibility section of your book was great.. I put it on a spreadsheet and it only took 20min with my bank to get finance. They loved the clarity of the development finance proposal I used from your e-book ...

I've attached the proposal for your purusal...

Steve Rollings - USA


You've developed $1.2 Billion worth of projects ... I only want to develop small projects. I'm worried that your courses might be over my head ... a bit to complicated.


To be able to write an instruction course, I need to have an authority and experience base, or why would anyone listen to me, OK?

The fact that I've developed $1.2 Billion worth of property for Publicly Listed real estate development companies gives me that base.

But if you were to examine all my projects you would find small real estate development projects, as well as large.

We all start at the bottom and don't leap to $600M projects straight away.

So to write on the subject I need, not only to know the subject, I need to know the twists and turns as well, and most importantly, be able to explain it in language you will understand.

Out of 106 countries, I have not had a question asking clarification of a topic or sub-topic to date.


Absolutely fabulous, that’s all I can say. You’re a rare find, and sound like a true gentlemen. I really appreciate the help

Derek Cartier - USA


Can I Print Your Ebook?

Answer Yes.

My three real estate development courses are about 280 pages long. Each one you buy arrives in your computer in a zip file after an Immediate Download.

Once you open the file, you can go to FILE ... Print It Out and away you go.

Actually it is better to print a small number of pages at a time ... like pages 1 to 19, then 20 to 39 etc.

I have found that with most printers, the printer's memory can't hold all the data at once. So easy as you go, OK?

Phew: Thanks for letting me get those questions out of the way ... readers ask them all the time.

Getting Started In Real Estate Development


I'm in the process of putting together my first project and I really appreciate the detail in your book. regards.

Robert Nugent - USA

Most people go into residential real estate development on a ‘search & explore' basis; where just about every mistake costs them $Thousands.

Now I don't blame them, because there is such a deplorable lack of information and people 'who know' to teach them.

My Courses Will Save You $Thousands + Valuable Time.


I want to thank you for taking the time out and producing this material. Helping people like myself just starting out. I think the wisdom contained in your eBook has undoubtedly saved me from making many mistakes - translating into not only saving $$ but more importantly saving time.

Tom Laubli - Australia

Let me put it to you this way ...

"Wherever You Are Now In Your Real Estate Development Career ...
Then This Is The Worst It Will Ever Be."

Sorry to be so Blunt ... but it's just got to be said.

You see most people don't realize that real estate development has processes and procedures to be followed ... in fact, in my courses, I believe for the first time ever, I have created a "Development Work Flow Chart.

If you want to get you project from A TO Z, you need to know about the little a1, a2, a3 etc ... plus b1 to b7 and so on.

However, you also need to know that while you are doing c4 (which takes some time, not yours, someone else’s you've employed to do it) you can get on with f3 and finish off b6.

And that is how you get your real estate development finished at 'Z' on your real estate development 'Time Line'. Does that make sense to you?


As they say over here, by way of a terriffic complement, "You're the man! The townhouse visuals and further admonition to get out and get the feel for the property will keep me in good stead for a while.

Austin C USA

And that is how a big real estate development or a small one is finished on time and on cost.

Forget about the size of the $Dollars ... our goals are the same ... to get your $500,000 project or my $100,000,000 project finished on time and on cost.

Plus your $500,000 is just as important to you, as the $100m is to the professional ... it's the number that are different ... that's all.


Your work is excellent.

Jack Sterling - Australia

I've said just about all I have to say to you as an introduction how to become a real estate developer.

Let's Get To Your Specific Real Estate Development Needs.

You don't need to read about stuff that doesn't address your immediate needs.

So make a selection below, that best describes what your interest’s are.

I want my ebook to be relevant to you ...
something you can "use."

The cost of my E-book may be tax-deductible, as an expense for your investment education. This deduction is normally available to US residents (for readers in other countries, please consult your tax agent). The receipt for your records will be immediately emailed after purchase.


It's 2:50 a.m. PST, and I just wanted to wish you and your wonderful family a very Merry Christmas!

When I count my blessings this Christmas, you are certainly at the top of my list. Your generosity in emailing your E-book, coupled with your words of wisdom, has helped me tremedously. I can't tell you how much I value and appreciate you!

I just wanted to make sure that I wished you and yours the very best Christmas!!!

Warmest wishes,

Kathy T - USA

Click on one of the following links that best describes your needs:

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"I Want To Buy Land To Subdivide And Sell Individual Lots. Is This Feasible? "

"I May Need To Joint Venture With Someone To Get Started. What Do You Think? "

"I've Done A Few Developments, But They Should Have Made More Money - How Do I Improve Performance?"

This is a digitally-delivered product, which means you can start using the course right away... no waiting for shipping! You can start using my method in a matter of minutes!

Learn Real Estate Development "The Right Way The First Time"
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So Tell Me Why
You Want To Become A Real Estate Developer?

I know what motivated me to become a Real Estate Developer.

Take a few moments to tell me what's driving you?

Who knows, by sharing your story you might help and inspire others who are in the same position!

Your story will go on a web page exactly as you write it, provided it is not insulting or rude.

Thank you,

Colm Dillon

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