how do I get started as a real estate developer?

by stanley carr
(Paterson, N.J., U.S)

How do I Stanley Carr, as a novice real estate developer with poor credit rating and the subject of discriminatory practices.

Hello Stanley,

Your first job is to clean up your Credit Rating and prove to the finance industry over time that you are a good credit risk ... that is Number One Job or you have no chance of borrowing.

I cannot comment on your second issue other than to say that in six years of people buying my courses in every State of the US I have talked to every type of person living in that country ... you go to my Las Vegas video clips you will see how many talk on my behalf. So I don't see discriminatory practices in any of my dealings.

On a positive note, you can also spend the time while cleaning up you credit score by working in the real estate industry and learning from the ground up - that is what I did. I started as a real estate salesman and worked harder than everybody else to be successful.

Hope this helps you Stanley.



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