Housing Alerts Secrets
For Serious Real Estate Times

From the desk of Colm Dillon ...

Author of "Residential Development Made Easy"

Hello Colm Dillon here ...


The fact that you have arrived on this page means that you are serious about real estate and real estate development in the United States.

The tool I am introducing to you today is only one of two tools I have ever recommended on my web site.

By now you know I am a billion dollar developer and that should tell you that I am not easily impressed. Well a year ago I was blown over by a system that is causing the biggest change that real estate investors have ever experienced in hundreds of years.

Because of my position in the real estate market I was invited to become part of this unique system a year ago and since then the doors have been closed to the rest of US society as we developed and improved the system.

It was released on 25 July 2007 - for you to acquire and grow your real estate wealth as never before. 


If you've wondered where home prices are going and 

have tried to watch your local news you've likely 

been confused and amused...


A friend of mine put together a funny and important video 

showing just how out of touch the media is with investors by 

saying prices are going up and saying they're going to crash 

sometimes in the same show...

Click Here: Revealed: The Whole Truth about the US Housing Market

On a more serious note, the subject of housing prices has mystified me for years. But, Ken Wade, has an answer and he wrote a rather shocking report.

Ken claims to be able to predict market trends in almost any local market in the United States. I never read anything like this before...

You need to see this (It has serious implications for the property you own or want to own as an investor or developer.)

So July 25th 2007 was the official release 

of "HousingAlerts" Real Estate Market Timing System.

The inventor, Ken Wade so far... 

* Has been investing in real estate for over 20 years...


* Has done over $100 million in real estate deals. 

* Has a radical claim about real estate investing.


Believe me, if you are a US Citizen you've never seen this before, so read it right now at:

Click Here: Revealed: The Whole Truth about the US Housing Market

Some of you may be wondering why I, a developer. would be getting excited about a tool that predicts housing prices and market trends in individual US States and individual town and cities in each State.

The Housing Alerts system is the most sophisticated, yet easy to use, market predicting tool every created. 

As a developer or investor it is of vital importance to be able know "for a fact" exactly where you are in the real estate cycle IN YOUR AREA OF INVESTMENT OR DEVELOPMENT.

Remember I said that this system tells you, right down to your own area of operation; not just State Wide or Country Wide - that is the magic of this wonderful system - IT TELLS YOU whether you should buy or sell BEFORE the actual change has taken place and does that for 381 US Locations.

I cannot recommend it enough - it is the biggest break through in real estate market assessment ever and will have the most profound effect on the wealth of those who harness it power.

I am one of the very few in the world that you can access the Housing Alerts System.

Ken Wade is a deeply thoughtful and brilliant man and will go down in US Real Estate history - his creation is a wealth creating and risk reduction system that will in real estate terms, be compared to the invention of the car or the aeroplane.

Click on any of the links I have on this page and gain access to an education you will never forget.

As I always say to my potential students "Be Imformed" then Decide.

Bye & Talk to you soon,