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From the desk of Colm Dillon ...

Author of "Residential Development Made Easy"


Hello Colm Dillon here ...

Now we are getting down to the 'nitty - gritty' - the detail. This is where you can express how you want your townhouses to 'Look & Feel.'

In my eBook I remind you that consultants are engaged to reflect your wishes, as best as they can, within the rules. However, when all their work is finished, it is 'You' that has to be satisfied and face the 'Market' with your finished product.

If you have engaged qualified professionals to design and supervise the construction, you can be confident that the buildings are going to be constructed soundly and within the Building Standards Code of the area in which you are developing.


You will of course have a current copy of each consultants' and builder's insurance to ensure you sleep well at night ... well that's the "Made Easy" part of my eBook is

Having been assured that they will not fall down or leak, what do you concentrate on?

And the answer to that is why I had to write an eBook to cover the subject in detail.

If you have been reading all these explanations, from Land Acquisition to where you are now, can you see how the whole task of property development has been broken into a process ... all interlinked in neat sections.

Discovering that the whole of property development is a process is a great relief to many of my readers. Because so many people, including some who have been developing for years, did not see it as such. As a result their lives are filled with anxiety and stress. What a way to live and work.

OK, let's move on to the construction phase, because at the end of the Detailed Design phase (sometimes called the Working Drawings phase; 'cause the drawing are the one's the builder works from to actuallY build your project.)

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