Google Makes The Coach
Number One

Hello Colm Dillon here ...

Well it's taken three years to reach the top of Google, the top search engine and I have to tell you, the view up here is just great.

If you can feel my 'grin' through the screen, you should see the high fiving that is going on in my house.

But to be serious for moment; YA-BA-DA-BAH-DOO!!

You see this whole web thing started with me on a PC just trying to show individuals how to develop real estate the right way the first time.

That's it. I am no techi type of guy. All I do is just write, so I am just thrilled at thwe support I have had from folk all around the world.

Many many thanks,

Bye for now,


PS: If you want to read why Google made this site "Number One" on the web just click the link.

Now I Have To Stay There, Eh?