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Hi Colm,

I'm a loan officer who has always tried to do loans out of the box, and I've had success on a number of loans.

In the past year I've been studying and working on construction loans and have had some success. I'm now just beginning to work on real estate development loans, and I have several requests right now.

I would love to learn more about development and get involved myself. Do you think that your course can help me process my fundings better, and have you had any loan officers that have had results with your program?

Thank you for your help and your time.



From the desk of Colm Dillon ...

Author of "Residential Development Made Easy"

Hello D,

Thank you for writing to me ... interestingly, I have not been asked that question before; so there's a First!!

Easy answer first: Readers don't always tell me their profession and I only get to know the one's that write to me and we start a correspondence.

Also I don't keep a data base of people's professions; just names, email addresses and the like in confidence.

By now you'll have read that my ebook is the only one in the world written on the subject, so if you are thinking of getting into development at some time, then my book is a very good starting point.

An Important Point: Without finance Real Estate Development does Not Happen ... it is integral, it's the Glue; it's the ham & cheese in the breadroll.

Everything these days seems to be specialised; finance and development are the same.

Let me ask you this question.

If you were a developer, who would you prefer to deal with; a guy who knows your development process (maybe even talks the lingo) or a guy who fills out forms to establish your Credit Rating?

I would want someone who understands, not only my problems and my hot buttons, but also knows the finance company who will be most receptive to my kind of deal ... both of those things are good for you as well.

In addition I would want a guy who can educate me as to how best present my finance proposal.

Remember Dennis - most developers are 'self made' men and women - the reason my ebook is selling in 43 countries is because these people lack education in the development process.

Question: How confident would they feel in dealing with a development educated "YOU."

Now it may help you to know that for readers who need some continuing help I carry on an extensive correspondence answering their questions or just helping them sort out their thoughts.

So don't feel you are on your own and I will be pleased to extend the same help to you, until you get on your feet.

Hope I have helped you,

Colm Dillon

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