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I've Been Asked In The Past

These Ebook Questions & Answers will help you quickly find out if what I have written will help you or not.

My ebook has sold in all US States, Canada, Australia, Africa, New Zealand, UK, Europe, UAE; in fact, in 95 countries and over the past three years, experience tells me to get a few questions you will have, out of the way immediately ...

So please read them ... don't skip ... people 'actually' write and ask me these questions AFTER they have bought the e-book, when the answers are below.

Ebook Questions!

Colm, I live in Cape Town, in Sydney, in Toronto, in LA, in Birmingham ... wherever ... will your real estate development e-Book work where I live? After all, you live in Australia!

Answer! Yes.

As long as you live in a Free Enterprise economy, then the way we go about real estate development is the same everywhere.

The only differences between, where you live and where I live, are the Local Authority Rules & Regulations ... Not How We Go About Real Estate Development.

For Example: Zoning Allowances

What you can build on a 5,000 square foot (or square meter) piece of residential land, will be different, not only from country to country, but also from City To City in the same country.

It is the local town plan that determines these capacities, OK. Can you see that point?

Here's another example ... Building Regulations.

Can you see why Building Regulations would be different in a sub-tropical climate and the freezing temperatures experienced in parts of the US and Canada?

The climatic conditions make many of the building regulations change. One location is concerned with keeping heat outside the home and the other is into keeping the cold out. This affects the cladding, insulation, glazing etc

I hope those two extremes in temperature conditions make the point for you.

So to wrap up this issue ...

. Real estate development processes and procedures are the same no matter where you live in the Free World ...

. It is the local Council or the Local Authority's Rules & Regulations that differ from place to place.


I love the coarse it is exactly what I was looking for God Bless you for taking the time to put it all together. I have been through it once and about to go through it again , again,!

Dave Treasureman - USA

Ebook Questions!

Can I buy your e-book in hard copy?

Answer! No.


Publishers are very interested in Sales Numbers. I'm interested as well ... but not as interested as they are. This book would never get off the ground if it had to be published in hard copy.

The fact is that there are a limited number of people interested in learning about real estate development in any individual location.

Example: How many people do you know who are "knowledgeable about", or even "really interested" in real estate development.

Remember I said, 'development' not real estate. Go on ... one hand will do ... how many fingers are you holding up?

So my friends, people who want to learn 'real estate development' are very thin on the ground ... and why not, entrepreneurs who 'take charge of their lives and make things happen ... are thin on the ground in any city or country.

And Finally: The cost of printing, packaging and postage would be so high that you would not pay the money and I would not have written it in the first place. The web is world wide and is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to get my book to the people who need it.


Your Feasibility section of your book was great.. I put it on a spreadsheet and it only took 20min with my bank to get finance. They loved the clarity of the development finance proposal I used from your e-book ...

I've attached the proposal for your purusal...

Steve Rollings - USA

Ebook Questions!

You've developed $1.2 Billion worth of projects ... I only want to develop small projects. I'm worried that your e-book might be over my head ... a bit to complicated.


To be able to write an instruction book or e-book, I need to have an authority and experience base, or why would anyone listen to me, OK?

The fact that I've developed $1.2 Billion worth of property for Publicly Listed real estate development companies give me that base.

But if you were to examine all my projects you would find small real estate development projects, as well as large.

We all start at the bottom and don't leap to $600M projects straight away.

So to write on the subject I need, not only to know the subject, I need to know the twists and turns as well, and most importantly, be able to explain it in language you will understand.

Out of 95 countries, I have not had a question asking clarification of a topic or sub-topic to date. 


Absolutely fabulous, that’s all I can say. You’re a rare find, and sound like a true gentlemen. I really appreciate the help

Derek Cartier - USA

Ebook Questions!

Can I Print Your Ebook?

Answer Yes.

"Residential Development Made Easy" is 126 pages long. It arrives in your computer in a 1.78mb zip file after an Immediate Download.

Once you open the file, you can go to FILE ... Print It Out and away you go.

Actually it is better to print a small number of pages at a time ... like pages 1 to 19, then 20 to 39 etc.

I have found that with most printers, the printer's memory can't hold all the data at once. So easy as you go, OK?

Phew: Thanks for letting me get those questions out of the way ... readers ask them all the time, even after buying the e-book.

Getting Started In Real Estate Development


I'm in the process of putting together my first project and I really appreciate the detail in your book. regards.

Robert Nugent - USA

Most people go into residential real estate development on a ‘search & explore' basis; where just about every mistake costs them $Thousands.

Now I don't blame them, because there is such a deplorable lack of information and people 'who know' to teach them.

My e-book will Save You $Thousands + Valuable Time.

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