Discounted Price For
Las Vegas Workshop Attendees Only


Colm Dillon here ...

This is the link you can use to buy my set of DVD's covering the 3 days we shared at Las Vegas.

The DVDs include the two days of talks I gave you totalling about 16 hours plus the Behind the Scenes Tour of the Hotel as well as a 2 hour interview by Jack Tifin of me in my suite.

That 2 hour talk is all about development and allowed me to talk off the cuff about the business without having to stick to a schedule, so you will find it helpful.

I apologise for the delay in getting this set up but there was a series of embassessing and frustrating events which co-insided to delay the whole thing, including me not being good in health.

I said I would give a good discount to you. I have been selling these DVDs on my site at $497.00, however this link is set at $297.00 for the Workshop Attendees ONLY.

Bye for now,