Down on my luck

by Justin Friedland
(Barnegat, NJ)

Right now, I am down on my luck. I lost my driving license, lost my girl friend due to it.

My job got down graded, barely can pay bills. I am a sailor, and one night my jib broke loose and now I can't sail(my serenity) and it seems like it's getting worse and worse...

I need to start focusing on a new direction, and I hope this will be it. With my last money, I hope that this program will start me out on the right track...

I think I've seen this work done with my ex's boss. They are developing in Philadelphia right now, and they seem to be booming.

I wish I had the opportunity to speak with her boss, but of course, it would be a little weird... But I see how the real estate market can grow in some areas, and really want to take advantage, and do anything I can to try and get to the next level.

Barnegat, NJ

Hi Justin,

When you are in a bad place mentally, then it is not time to set off in a new 'unknown' destinaion, which in this case is real estate developoment. So don't do it;OK!

You are not part of this industry and therefore don't know where it is at in the economic cycle of life.

What you need to do is read material that will tell you the unemployment rate admitted by the Fed. Government is about 9.1%, but in reality is closer to 18+% because so many folk have given up looking got jobs that don't exist.

The US right now has the largest house foreclosures in its history with the total of bank closures at very high levels with an additional 800 on the 'watch list' by the banking authorities.

What you should do is forget about girlfriends, cars and other stuff and sit down with a sheet of paper with a line down the middle.

Now write down on the left side all your assets skills and talents that are the only things you have to improve your situation.

On the left side list down all the items that detract from you and hold you back.

Having done that, go through the list again and think about each item and decide if it is 'real' and if not remove it.

This final list is all you have. Take action of items on both sides of the page immediately to improve your position. So reduce the negative and improve your assets.

Above all be flexible in your attitude to life and work. Spend no time on negative thoughts.

Lastly! TAKE ACTION - in thought and deed.

Hope this helps,

Colm Dillon

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