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Hi Colm,

I am interested in your book, but I also need help finding a real estate developer school. Can you help me?

Thank you,



From the desk of Colm Dillon ...

Author of "Residential Development Made Easy"

In my country, Australia, we don't have Development Schools.

We do have University Courses as they do in USA - You may enquire at your local University and get a reference from there.

But you should ask yourself the following:

1. Do I want to be a developer and develop for my own profit? OR

2. Do you want to get a Degree in Developing and join a development company and work for them.

If you want (1) - you should buy my ebook - because that tells you how to do it.

If you want (2) - you should go to university and learn all the professional theory stuff and them learn how to do it by joining a big firm.

Hope this helps you,

Colm Dillon

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