Developing in Melbourne

by Spiro Vasiliadis

A lot of great advice but does this apply to laws and regulations in Victoria, AUS? or even australia as a whole?

Hello Spiro,

What I teach you applies all over the world, because I teach you how to do the development work professionally.

The only difference between Melbourne, New York or where I live in Brisbane, are the Local Council Development Regulations and Building Act.

As part of my course you have to go to these places and get the relevent Zoning Maps + Regulations and the Buildinbg Application Forms so that you can study them and get to know them for the particular product you intend developing.

And that is why my courses have sold in over 100 countries over the past 6 years.

So the development process is the same everywhere - it is the local regulations that distinguish one city from another.

Hope this helps you out.



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Oct 20, 2009
Developing in Melbourne, Australia
by: Anonymous


Thanks for getting back to me.

Thanks for answering my question. im in real estate (sales) at the moment but my true passion is development. I havent even started yet so i look forward to reading your book. which i just bought.

i will post my thoughts asap.

Thanks very much.

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