Real Estate Development Made Easy
Course Content Part 1

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The content of the Real Estate Development Made Easy "Residential" four part course are as follows:

Real Estate Development Made Easy Part One Course Content


    Author’s Note


    Your Current Situation

    This Course Format

    Road Map

Market Research

 Zoning

 Development Regulations

 Town Plan

 Know your City

 Determine your Market Sector

 How I Examine Other Developments

 Analyzing Sales Data

 Create Land Value Data Base

 Development Finance Research

 Commercial Finance Broker Research

 Development Attorney Research

Locate Land & Negotiate Purchase

 List all possible development sites

 Research property statistics

 Create priority list of sites

 Prepare conditional contract

 Contents of a conditional contract

 Approach property owner(s)

 Negotiate with owner

Both parties sign Contract

What are you going to do now?

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