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Hi Colm,

Does you book explain why those who develope residential lots and build as well have a separate company for developing and one for construction? More specificly which company, for tax purposes, should recognize the gain on the lot?



From the desk of Colm Dillon ...

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Hello J,

As my ebooks sell in 54 countries I can only talk about matters that are common to all. You don't say where you live.

As tax and company law varies so much from country to country I cannot answer such a question.

However I do talk a good deal about creating a team of professionals around you to advance your development plans - one of those is a good accountant and lawyer.

However like every other consultant you engage, you must interview them to ensure they have the experience you require.

An obvious example is, " I want a lawyer, ... ah, there's one in the high street."

You enquire and find that 85% of his/her practice is family law - but yes, they reply, we also do land conveyancing.

Not good enough - you want someone who eats & sleeps property every day.

Hope this helps,

Colm Dillon

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