Development Cash-Flow Planning
and Cash Flow Analysis With 
"On Schedule v4"

"On Schedule v4" has been designed for development cash flow planning and cash flow analysis for professional developers of multi-phased subdivision or condominium projects

The "On Schedule v4" development software helps you produce accurate, month-by-month plans for drawing, using and repaying development loans.

"On Schedule v4" software is very user-friendly and helps you plan and secure financing for complex developments by helping you:

* Manage multiple inflows and outflows of cash for up to 60 months.

* Plan for up to 4 types of units at various stages of completion.

* Fine tune distribution of construction costs.

* And determine the amount of your loan repayable by sale proceeds.

With "On Schedule v4" you just fill-in-the-blank Excel-based template to:

# Forecast the required monthly draws on your development loan.

# Plus forecast the ongoing monthly status of your loan.

# As well as the best month to retire your loan.

You can print detailed reports at the click of a button, including monthly cash flow, construction costs, project absorption as well as graphs.

"On Schedule v4" is the choice for developers who need cash-flow planning and analysis for subdivisions, condominium and land development projects -- or with any project that is built and sold in stages.

Configure unit and site costs, evaluate absorption schedules then print a presentation for your lender and cash flow projections tailored for each investing partner. On Schedule also works great for analyzing condo conversion projects.

At A Glance: Designed for professional real estate developers involved in land & housing subdivision or condominium projects, this planning software helps you produce a month-by-month estimate of construction costs, development costs, development loan utilization and repayment, project absorption, partnership distributions and more.

It is packed with powerful features such as partnership analysis, Gantt chart, new reports, graphs, greater loan flexibility and much more.

Includes detailed user guide, help file and free technical support.

Currently available for Windows only with Microsoft Excel 2002 or greater.

Product Details:

Itemize construction and development costs, plan your development loan draws and repayments, estimate project absorption, and then print professional presentations for your lender or partner.

Since 1984 developers have been using this program to plan how they will draw down, use and repay development loans for their projects.

This program handles complex cash inflows and outflows for up to 60 months and helps you produce a month-by-month plan for drawing, using and repaying a development loan.

The program also allows you to bring investors into your deal in either general partnerships or LLC business structures. You can schedule distributions to the investors on a monthly basis and provide a preferred return. The Partnership Presentation is one of 10 pro forma reports that you can print.

New to Version 4 are a number of graphs and charts to visually portray your development project. The Gantt chart displays timelines of monthly development loan draws and payments as well as timelines of units under construction, sold or settled.

Configure your development loan as either a revolving line of credit or a cumulative draw. In each month you can tell the software to use a portion of cash from unit sales and/or rental income (for condo conversions) to repay the loan.

As a developer you are likely to encounter situations where you have to predict and manage frequent inflows and outflows of cash. You may have numerous groups of units in various stages of construction. Each group will present different cash requirements.

Includes detailed user guide, help file and free technical support.

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