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Join Developer's Master Mind Group

If you are new to real estate development, you will find that developers you can get to answer your questions are a bit 'thin on the ground.'

So if you have a problem or some question has come up that you just can't figure out the answer too, who do you ask or where do you turn?

Or if you have a new idea; who do you bounce it off, to make sure it stands up to 'reality.' That and lots more is what the Master Mind Group is all about.

It will be a subscription membership ... don't worry, the cost is less than a handburger and fries ... $40.00 a month for access to me and other members via web conference once a week for an hour.

There is no time committment. So after 1 or 6 months you can cancel out if you have all the knowledge you need.

You know that $40.00 a month, in this day and age, is just a plain silly price to charge.