Am I Too Young to Start Developing Units

by Willem
(Vereeniging, Gauteng, South Africa )

I am 21 years of age and want to know if I am too young to develop real estate on a big scale?

I am talking about 200 apartment building in the northern suburbs.

I have everthing in my head, what I want to do, how the building is going to look ect.

My question again, am I too young to be doing such a huge development?

Hi Willem,

The emphasis in your question is on being young and it seems to me that your are concentrating on the wrong issue.

If you are young AND have the development knowledge that I teach, the youth is not a major problem.

If you have youth and real estate development knowledge, then the next issue is experience. You gain experience by applying your development knowledge by working in the industry for an existing developer.

In addition to youth, development knowledge and experience you need start up capital. It is advisable to start up on a small project to hone your skills.

It is far wiser to make beginner mistakes on a two or 4 unit development rather than an 200. Each mistake is multiplied by 200 and can be costly.

Lastly, having the concept in your head is not the issue/ As a developer that is not your job; that is what the architect is trained for and to whom you will convey your concept.

He / she will then translate that concept into something that complies with the local development and building regulations and in sufficient detail for a builder to be able to build it.

I understand your energy, but believe me, without the elements mentioned above you will be separated from your money very quickly and end up very unhappy.

May I suggest that you buy and study my Real Estate Development Made Easy course; it is the only one in the world written by a developer. It will save you a lot of heart ache.


Colm Dillon

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