Am I on the right track?

by Kris
(Alberta canada)

Hi Colm,

I'm 23 just recently finished off my Electrical trade degree and I've always interested in the real estate developing area but didn't know where to start.

I've purchased two properties while I was doing my trade! Now I got my journeyman ticket, I'm looking forward to get myself further in real estate industry!

So I enrolled real estate trading lisencing course to become an realtor! Figure it will be a start for me to get into real estate industry.

I'm wondering if I am choosing the right path here?

Become a realtor first, then once I'm in the circle I can get to know more people who are further into the real estate industry!

Then later on when finance allows, I can put it into commercial investments in the developing area, where office buildings business are needed!

So my question is by becoming a realtor, would it help me towards the real estate developing sector? I greatly appreciated for your input and time!

Hi Kris,

The path you have chosen sound pretty darn good to me and follows in part my own path.

All you learn about the 'elements' that make up the development industry as a whole is invaluable.

However, none of them individually will make you a real estate developer.

I did use the word 'elements' in the previous paragraph. So in the electrical part of your life, it is the working part 'on site' that teaches you how to rub shoulders with other trades and perhaps see how the whole building aspect comes together.

An overview of the site activity will give you an insight into how the manager gets trades to arrive on site in accordance with a building program and still allow for bad weather and other delays.

Your realtor experience will teach you all about getting back the money the developer (maybe you) has spent from the sales market and also teaches you the flaws in the system.

From those two 'elements' you will learn a great deal. But then you need to learn all the other elements that make up the development process and most importantly, how to put it all together and save your financial backside by not getting it wrong.

That is why I have written the only developer e-course. I teach you how to develop low and high rise units; commercial office and retail buildings and finally land subdivisions.

The on;y thing you have to do is 'STUDY THEM.'

Hope this helps you,

Colm Dillon

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