My Development Story

If you choose, it could be similar to yours as well?

I've been a professional developer for over 30 years. My first project was a small

industrial 'tin shed' and I finished $1.2 billions worth later on with lots of  residential

condos, international hotel, many office buildings and land subdivisions.

With that experience under my belt I decided to write the "first developer written residential development instruction course" in the world in 2003. 

In 2006 from student demand I added two more courses and all three have educated my students in 140 countries.

Let's Talk For a Few Minutes. 


I write in non technical language, so it is easy for you to convert into action steps.

Consider me as your Coach who has done what you want to do, based on my record of completed projects. 

Before writing my development course, I searched the web and libraries for anybody who was already teaching 'how to do real estate development and in 2002, I found nobody.

It was hard to believe that no one, never mind a developer, had not written a teaching manual in residential development as it is such fantastic work and lifestyle.

So I decided to fill that gap and wrote Residential Real Estate Development Made Easy and after building my website, www.realestatedevelopmentcoach.com I launched my eBook in 2003.

Later you can read what my past students have to say and have achieved.

So whether you are new to property development or have a few projects built and need to fill in the expensive gaps (errors) you really must learn the total business to be successful.


The knowledge I give you builds you confidence to get started, or continue more profitably than you last property development. 

So how did it all begin for me?

Before the development business, my education foundation was mathematics and electronic engineering.

A career change hit me at about 28 years of age and real estate grabbed me in a big way and over time I discovered it was a good fit for me. 

In the real estate business you meet a lot of people and I fortunately  met a man who became my real estate development mentor. 

When you study my eBooks you will meet him; Kevin O'Dea; my friend for life.

He gave me "my break" into the development that we all need. 

That break took me to where I am today.

I'm about to teach you all I know about how to develop property.

Property development is not for everyone! 

I know that! 

How do you decide if it's the right fit for you. 

You need to make an educated decision by actually learning to become a developer. 

 I share that knowledge in my three eBooks entitled:

> Residential Real Estate Development Made Easy

> Commercial Real Estate Development Made Easy

>  Land Subdivision Development Made Easy

Then you can decide.

Believe me the cost of learning if far cheaper that the project mistakes you can make going it alone. 

A further extension of that learning is my LA Workshop Video containing sixteen hours of "one on one" teaching property development; only one speaker - me.

 I filmed my last  Workshop in LA over three day's for students who attended from all over the world - USA, Canada, Australia, France, Mexica, Africa and Europe

This is also available and you don't have the cost attending, travelling and staying in LA.

Last but not least is the availability to join my personal mentorship for 'one on one' project development Q&A when you need it.

So explore this presentation on my website and let me start my introduction to property development the Colm Dillon way.

Real property development knowledge - developed profitably in the real market - Not an academic lecture 

Just a step by step - day by day - course explained in straight from the shoulder language. 

Doing it the "Right Way the First time" is what I teach in my three courses.