A Sudden Hunger for Real Estate Development

by Namiha Khaleque
(Bangladesh, Dhaka)

Well Colm....i am 14 year old girl, living in Bangladesh,Dhaka. i am currently studying in standard 8 and its a rule in our schools to select subjects for our O-level courses.

Basically our selection involves what we aspire to be in future. I am determined on going ahead with business, securing a great future for myself.

I read a book written by one of the most popular writters in the world Sidney Sheldon. His book is "The Stars Shine Down" and speaks of a woman involved in real estate developing and how independent she was and about her gradual affluity.

Sidney Sheldon had described and manipulated real estate developing in such a way, I was bound to get spellbound in its mighty power.

His book really didn't emphasize only real estate, it revealed the ultimate power and advantage of real estate.

Now I am completely determined to go ahead with this profession. I simply get euphoric thinking about it!! I hope i can succeed in my work in future. I believe I will because I am fully determined and self-confident. The hunger and thirst to become a developer has completely gotten inside me.

So Colm, you are one lucky dude!! Your advices and teachings are really cool and I aspire to be successful like you!! just can't wait to start courses on real estate developing!!
Namiha Khaleque

Thank you for a wonderful letter Namiha ... I'll have to see what I can do to foster your new found passion.

Passion is a much used word these days, however I believe it is the necessary driving force a human needs to aspire and untimately achieve one's life goals.

The foundation to you fulfilling yourself in any profession is a good education and clearly you are getting that. In real estate development a superior command of language, both written and spoken is fundamental, so reading and writing as well as joining in a debating society is wonderful training.

In real estate development you will be reading legal documents all the time. While much of it looks like legal 'mumbo jumbo' I developed a skill to filter out the 'whereas,' 'hereinafter' and sub-part(X11) and pick out the real sense of what I was reading. I could only do this from the foundation and command of language.

Your next tool is a command of mathematics in all it's forms. Real Estate Development Feasibility Studies contain a lot of numbers.

The calculation of them is 'one aspect' and it goes without saying that they must always be correct. However it is the relationship of certain numbers to another set of numbers that is important. It is important that one developes a sence of 'comfort' with numbers.

You might be surprised that I talk about a command of language and numbers as being the first things I talk to you about. Please don't assume I do this because you are still at school ... not so!

You see if you were 25 or 45 I would have to assume that you had these skills and if you did not, then it would make the hill you had to climb so much harder.

Another absolute character trait you must have is "stick-a-bility" - you must be a person who sees thing through to completion. A successful developer can't be a butterfly, flitting from deal to deal.

You do not need skills in a whole raft of professions. By that I mean you do not need to be an architect or engineer to become a developer ... these are professions a developer hires from development to development.

However it does you no harm if your desires take you in those directions, because all knowledge of how each profession works is good.

Provided it suits your personality, a knowledge of finance and the finance industry would be a great advantage. In my experience teaching people, it is finance that worries most of them.

I hope these few thoughts keep the passion fire burning Namiha and I'll see what I can do to help you further.

I'll be in touch.

Colm Dillon

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Sep 29, 2015
A Sudden Hunger for Real Estate Development.
by: David Cruz

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Sep 23, 2015
Very informative
by: Jack

The foundation to you fulfilling yourself in any profession is a good education and clearly you are getting that. In real estate development a superior command of language, both written and spoken is fundamental, so reading and writing as well as joining in a debating society is wonderful training. homework assignments from experts

Aug 07, 2015
by: Anonymous

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Jul 25, 2015
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Jan 13, 2008
iIAm Impressed!!
by: Nazia

Hey Namiha......I think what you have written is great!! You are so young , just stepped in your teen life and already you are thinking high about your future, thats great!!

I think everyone your age or in other words, the teens of our society should be as pensive and determined about their future!! You are a brave kid!!

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