A dream that wont just go away

by Sheila
(United Kingdom)

I am a ghanaian lady who resides in the UK. I have 10 acres of land in ghana and have always had the dream of developing an estate to sell. The dream is so real that I can almost see it.

Now the question is where do I start? The whole land is mine and paid for outright but I do not have the know how as to where to start or continue this dream.

I was so frustrated so I sat on the computer and typed in "how do I start an estate development" and like an angel you appeared on my screen.

I read and it sounded like you were talking to me. I need your help, will the advise the matrial offer work in Africa as well? I am willing to buy any material to guide me. God bless you for your knowledge and wisdom.

Sheila (united Kingdom)

Hello Sheila,

Thank you for writing to me and I am really happy that you found my web site's information helpful.

The first point is that you are fortunate to have no debt on the land - a big tick for that one.

The next point I have to make is that the most valuable thing you can do now is study how to become a developer and my material is the only teaching material that has ever been produced by a developer and not some acedemic, so I suggest you spend some time at that.

The zoning of your land will determine what you can develop and the end product you produce will also depend on its location.

If it is zoned residential land for housing, please understand that that is a two phase operation and you do not need to do both.

For example, to develop housing lots you need to learn how to develop a Sub Division and then sell each of the individual housing lots.

It does not mean that "you" have to build houses on the land. That is a totally separate business model and usually carried out by house builders who have business experience in that business.

By the way if you do study my courses, you can also talk to me via skype if you have any problems in understanding some aspect or concept. But before I get into that, I insist all students must have put the study work in ... it usually ends up with better quality questions for me as well.

Hope this helps you Shelia.



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