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Real Estate Development
Coach's Ezine
, Issue #001 -- teaser here

April 30, 2004

Welcome to my first ezine. I have taken a while to approach the idea of producing one. My main problem frankly, is where to start.

So in the best tradition of writing, I just sat down an typed as though I was talking to someone sitting opposite me.

It is my intention not to waffle on about things I find interesting, but to try and write things that are relevent to you my readers.

So please regard this as a 'start' - if you just click on the link below, you'll get to my first ezine page.

Oh yes, I have just released access to my Discussion Group called, "What's Your Problem?"

The link in on my pages (left side) ... just click on it and go through the joining up procedure ... it is being managed for me by ... everything is FREE, but you need to join up to participate.

The Discussion Group is for my development eBook readers only.

That's all for now, so I hope you enjoy.

"My Ezine Is Not For Selling You Things" - It's For Building Your Real Estate Knowledge" *Click This Link To Access My Ezine.

Hope I have helped you,

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